Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wishes for baby - journaling card, baby shower fun CU PU

How great are these cards? I love journal prompts because sometimes we just don't know what to write. I hate when people pass around a card for someone's birthday for example and says "write something." I immediately draw a blank. lol. So I decided I would make these little cards. You can print off a few or alot and pass them out at a baby shower, or print one out for yourself and then tuck it into your scrapbooking layout, album or book. Having a girl? print out on pink cardstock..... blue for a boy. Unsure? do mint or yellow ;) or you can always print on just white :D

They are saved at 4.25 X 5 so you can get two per sheet of cardstock. They are saved in png format so you can open and close them as many times as you need to without it losing quality.

CU PU ok :) 
Happy Days! :)

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