Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekly Roundup, Pinterest Inspiration and Coupons

We'll start off with the pinterest loving ideas, that way by the time we get to the coupons, we will know what we are going to use our coupons for! lol - Need an invitation for pinterest? Let me know!

Love these little envelopes
    Dress up with a t-shirt!
Love this!
   Great gift to give a teacher to get on the good side! lol
  I really thought that these were pretty nifty!
   Cute card for Dad- It says father's day, but I like it for birthday too!
  I am definitely going to make these for my daughter's room!
 Can I just say how much I love this card!
  Got a little modge podge? Make your own plates!
  Great site for beginner sewers!
  Free printable gift box!

 Button Stamps! A wonderful DIY way to create stationary, and do some fast branding on packaging and letter head

 diy gift box 

  Gift Bags Tutorial & Template

How to fold a paper lily How to fold a paper lily 

  Free printable paper

 Tag tutorial!

 Make your own chalkboard tags!

 Free printable calender - I like the patina look to it!

Creative! Toilet paper tubes wrapped in paper or contact paper. For school....students can make individual time capsules.

Dry erase calendar wall art - so cute and easy to do! Great gift idea for someone. DIY Dry erase board


I'm in wonderful etsy treasuries this weekend too! You can find them here, click on any if you'd like to go and see more!



Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are currently experiencing hurricane Irene right now! Lots of rain and wind! Not too bad, except alot of evacuations locally due to lines being down and a little water on the road.


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VICKI IN AZ said...

this is a wonderful home!! you are so sweet to share all of your lovely gifts with me and your talents!! xoxo