Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up AND a Giveaway!!!

Well, last night, SweetlyScrapped reached 1000 fans! I am all excited! I hope all of them know how much it means to me. I really put everything I have into my page, my blog and my shop :) I spend  alot of time and thought into every little detail. I think when we start out in the creative field, we always wonder how we'll do. Are our items really as good as our mom, aunt, sister say they are? lol. I love feedback and I can usually gauge when something is a hit or a miss by the amount of "likes" or impressions on facebook. This helps me decide what people need or are looking for. Well, if you'd like to see m on facebook too, be sure to join! SweetlyScrapped 

Now onto the weekly wrapup.... you know, pinterest loving ideas, coupons and more! : )
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Pinterest love...... click on photo to go to the site that it came from :)
Pinned Image What a cute little card! And it looks like something we can handle! :)
6 Important things printable 6 Important things printable

Pinned Image cute bag tag
Raggy flower tute Raggy flower tutorial! This is so cute! I can see this on alot of things!!!! :) 

How To Turn Old Paperbacks into Custom Hardbacks How To Turn Old Paperbacks into Custom Hardbacks! This is really cool and definitely something that I will be doing!!!!! 

Double Sided Fabric Headband Pattern Double Sided Fabric Headband Pattern

Pinned Image Free paper download

Pinned Image Holiday Recipe Collection - free download!
Pinned ImageBelle and boo - free download! This one I found on pinterest unfortunately doesn't go to the blog, but rather the image page :( I am going to try and find the link today to the blog so you can visit them too :) 

Pinned ImageRecycling old CD's with clock face printables
Pinned Image Lots of cute ideas of things you can mail that are under 13 ounces (meaning you can stick stamps on and throw in the mailbox!)

paper peonies tutorial paper peonies tutorial

Free bottle wrap printablesFree bottle wrap printables
Lots of cute gift ideas.  (thank you, Nat) 100 days?!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :D
party Yes, please! 
Fabric picture frames (use old cereal boxes for the card board) Fabric picture frames (use old cereal boxes for the card board)

 origami paper boxes  I wish I could find another way to ship my items securely and low cost because I would love to ship my orders like this!!!! :) 

Printable papersPrintable papers

Pinned ImageTons and tons of papers and ledgers printables.

Free #printable paper house! Woo! :) #crafts #handmade #paper #scrapbooking #papercrafts #DIY  Free printable house! 
Vintage gift tags printable Vintage gift tags printable
Pinned Image There is a variety here of different christmas tags you can print :)
Spools Decorated spools! How cute! 
Made from a pack of cards for a parent's 50th anniversary. Each page features a photo from one year of their life together. Sweet idea. Made from a pack of cards for a parent's 50th anniversary. Each page features a photo from one year of their life together. Sweet idea.

Printables for ChristmasPrintables for Christmas

DIY upon DIY DIY Modge Podge :) It's not waterproof, but a can of clear coat can take care of that!!!! :D 

New tags in the shop.........

Victorian Cherub Thank You Tags - Vintage Inspired Victorian Cherub Thank You Tags - Vintage Inspired
Christmas Vintage Inspired Gift Tags Merry Christmas - Vintage inspired tags 
Pumpkin Hang Tags - Fall, Autumn, Harvest, Vintage Inspired Pumpkin hang tags - Halloween, Harvest, Thanksgiving ;) 

Sold and relisted.... they're becoming pretty popular! I was thinking too, how neat would these be to add to your mason jars rather than stickers and labels?! Tie them on with twine instead! Easy cleanup and you can use them again next year! Other than the other MILLIONS of uses :D 

Mason Jar Labels, Gift Tags mason jar tags! 


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