Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up and Pinterest ♥

Good morning!!!! Time for the weekly wrap up :) And my pinterest ♥ 

We'll start off with some ideas :) 

Pinned Image Scrapbook paper and dollar store frames...beautiful:)

Pinned Image Tons of labels, printables, etc. 

Pinned Image DIY Button Magnets - There's nothing to link them too (info ?) but I bet you would just hotglue magnets to the back =)

Pinned Image vintage labels galore!

Pinned Image Free printable boxes for halloween

Pinned Image Decorate tin cans!!!! 

Pinned Image Butterfly template!

Pinned Image handmade paper feathers - There's no tutorial there, but what you do is you put a wire, or something firm in the center, glue a piece of paper on each side, and let dry, you then trim to the shape you want and then cut all the slits for the feathers.  :) 

Pinned Image Printing on lunch bags tutorial

Pinned Image tiny polaroid magnets + DIY tutorial

Pinned Image Owl template

Pinned Image DIY Adorable flowers ! 

Pinned ImageDIY Christmas cards/envelopes

Pinned Image Journaling Ideas.... 

Pinned Image downloadable Scrabble tiles.... and they are free

Okay ladies! Hope you have a great day! Off to get the li'l ones ready for their football game :)

Oh! And we can't forget the coupons!!!!! 

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