Saturday, December 24, 2011

Free Printable Christmas Album

It's Christmas Eve!! Kids are all excited.... getting myself prepped for the day with alot of coffee for all the things I will have to do :) I love it all though. It's just so much fun! It's my favorite time of year, and that's even with Santa not coming anymore.... lol...

My son asked me before why I get excited about christmas now that I am old (I'm 31 by the way, lol)... I told him it's a whole different kind of excitement that he won't understand until one day when he has children :) 

Here's the free printable album. You can click on each photo and then right click and choose "save as" 

And here are the printable sheets, with two on each in case you would like to do it that way.
Click on each to enlarge and then right click and choose "save as"

Emily XOXO


Crafty Loops said...

This will make a beautiful album, thank you so much Emily. Lee x

Roisin said...

I think your Christmas mini album is great, but when I tried to download the file, it told me the page was not available.

Rita at