Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Roundup and Pinterest Loving Ideas

It's Sunday! Weekly roundup time!!! WOOHOO! :) 

Here are a few of my favorite things.... 

Pinned Imagerolled book page star - tutorial

Pinned ImageSimple Button Book Tutorial. I love this idea for textile sketches/designs, color schemes or just as a challenge to create a tiny storybook. So many possibilities for such a little project!

Pinned Image Reindeer toppers

Pinned Image  Pinned Image

Pinned Image Free Printable

Pinned Image easy monkeys - I'm thinking sock monkeys too! :) 

Pinned Image so CUTE! can you say bag sale at the thrift shop!?! lol... So for like 3 bucks I can make a whole lot of pillows! :) DIY Sweater Pillows

Pinned Image Use olive oil as sap tree cleaner. Found this at RealSimple Magazine

Need a last minute party pack?! Table decorations... tags.... etc.
Picture Download HERE - It's mine :D so the link is safe

 More DIY Christmas Tags... I like the sheet music on the background

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Dawnll said...

You always share the best stuff
I missed some of these goodies
Thanks for sharing
Happy Holidays sweetie