Friday, February 3, 2012

Ombre! Ombre! Trend Time!

Well, I think the new trend that is coming to make it's appearance is ombre. If you notice, it's starting to pop up everywhere. Well, this is a repeat as this was in before, but it can be really pretty.... so I'll take it :) Here are some example of Ombre.... 

Over at HGTV they are decorating with ombre .... 

It's showing up in cakes.... Here's one from Maggie Austin Cakes Gradient Frill ++

 Here's a pretty ombre dress. I'm a sucker for the colors.... brown and teal :D
It's showing up in furniture.....Here's one from anthropologie 

 It's even showing up in cookware (love this too by the way!)
And this has got to be my favorite!!!! LOve this shower curtain!

 And the you can apply it to paper found at design sponge. These end up being little DIY valentines. You can find them here at Design Sponge

And then here are a few more ideas that I really like... I'll show a few thumbnails..... 

5. Pink Ombre Heels    6. Radiator at Poppy Gall    7. Wedding Dress

So here I go.... My turn..... Here are some free etsy banners, blog post pretty backgrounds, and even some blog headers. These are just bases. You can either simply add your text and have all the ombre shine through or you can edit them any way your little heart desires... 

 Etsy Banner

 600 x 600 blog post pretty


So here are the rest of them! :) 
 Etsy Banner

 Blog Header

 600 x 600 Post Pretty

760 x 100 Etsy Banner

 Blog Header

 600x600 Blog Post

 760 x 100 Etsy Banner

 Blog Header

 600 x 600 Post 

I hope you find a color that you can use :) 


megote said...

merci pour ta grande generosité*ce que tu propose est jjs delicat..

Hayley Harland said...

These are absolutely brilliant and I keep coming back to use them for different projects and things. Thank you so much for sharing! Hayley xx