Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Roundup + Pinterest LOVE !!!

Good Morning! It's Sunday!!! That means it's time for the weekly roundup! Woohoo! Here are some of my favorite ideas from Pinterest! And then a few favorite companies coupons!

We'll start off with the coupons....


This has got to be my first favorite idea! And can you believe even with all my drawers and drawers of punches I still do not have a square punch! Seriously! I have a scalloped square... lol.... But that won't work!
great idea...why didn't I think of that?!

Wrapping paper as a table runner

And how about this! They have used wrapping paper as a table runner! How neat is that idea! 

And how about this idea! I just love it! I went looking this weekend for a central location where we can have a dry erase board along with a corkboard for all our important stuff. Yes, even chores :) I didn't find anything that I liked. I am not "cheap" but I hate spending alot of money on things like this, so I think I am going to make one. I have an old frame a little larger than this that will work great. It has a wooden frame. And then the corkboard that I already have has a wooden frame so I will paint them to match :) Wallah!!! This is HERE. Under the glass of the frames she laid strips of scrapbooking paper and then added circle punches + letter stickers. You will be able to write on these with a dry erase marker!

34 Recyclables to upcycle for the kids. This is geared more towards kids :) Upcycles for Kids Here

photo lampshade I tried this once. It was probably my first craft fail! LOL - But I will definitely try this one again! I think it would be really nice to have and create so I will definitely try again. Tute HERE

Free templates here Tons of templates! I LOVE templates! As they are or as something you can build upon! They're just great! And I am always looking for envelope templates :D Templates HERE

scrap notebook Isn't this a gorgeous Scrap Notebook?!  Not really a link except to the bigger photo. It was uploaded by a user  - Here is the original PIN

Using Dollar Tree contact paper as wallpaper!Using Dollar Tree contact paper as wallpaper! Genious! :D TUTE HERE

t-shirt shag rug tutorial T-shirt rug tutorial! Tutorial HERE 

And while we're on the topic of old tshirts, I found this too... 
50 ways to re-purpose old t-shirts!

Paper Ruffle TUTORIAL (lots of photos!) Isn't this card gorgeous! And there's a tutorial HERE about how to do the ruffles!

Tip for sewing vinyl For you sewers out there, here's a tip for sewing Vinyl!

4. DIY Bunting (uploaded by user, no tute, but I will provide a pattern below for you to do this! :) )

And for the kiddos!!!! Old tape roll plus foam stickers.  Great idea!! Old tape roll + foam stickers! FUN!!!! HERE.

what you can do with a simple corn flakes box This is simply gorgeous! I LOVE the pinks and the pom poms! HERE

recycle window envelopes  great for travel journal.recycle window envelopes great for travel journal. (HERE

learn how to make fun ruffles with coffee filters!  learn how to make fun ruffles with coffee filters! HERE at Creating Keepsakes

Tri-Shutter Album This is a gorgeous Tri Shutter ALBUM! :) 

Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering ..  Pink Sweater turned lampshade covering! 

Pinned ImageJust heat brad then dip in embossing powder. You'll need... An embossing gun (heat tool), Embossing powder, tweezers and brads. Tutorial Here. This would also be really cute to do with sewing stick pins! 

Pajama Party dessert table cereal bar with personalized spoons...oh my, this is so cute!!!Pajama Party dessert table cereal bar + personalized spoons! this is so cute!!!

 When folded it will measure 1 inch by 1 1/2 inches

This one is larger. 
 And you will simply fold them in half and glue.... 

Have a great Sunday! I am thinking about working on some blog backgrounds for the next freebie! :) 


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