Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Free Printable Envelopes

Well I recently had an order for greeting cards. And although I have plenty of envelopes I wasn't going to try and find 35 matching envelopes. I ended up buying them! LOL..... I know..... I know.... Anywhoo.....After looking at the prices of these envelopes, I realized I should've printed them. I purchased them anyways (for convenience reasons because I am so busy with custom orders). Well, now that things are easy going today, I decided to create some envelopes. I've scanned them in, traced them in my program and left just the template for you. Gosh I love digital editing programs :D I didn't put any of my information on the envelopes that way you can simply print and cut :)

These envelopes are 3 x 4.5 inches

These envelopes measure 4.5 inches by 6 inches.... 

I've pulled this one off my website
And then I added one without all the lines and info that way you can print on your favorite paper and just go about folding them :)

Here's another large one. It took up just about one full sheet of my paper (8.5 x 11)

Here's a few more things you can do..... 

Once you find an envelope size that you like, you can unglue it (carefully...) I usually use my small stylus and kind of slide it underneath. Or one of those flat cricut scraper tools work great too! Open it up, trace around it on chipboard or cardboard and then you have a template :) Sometimes I will just glue the envelope right to the thin cardboard and cut around.

Another thing that you can do is scan your envelope into your software (paint.net, photoshop, etc) and then draw around it. Now you don't have to be quite too perfect (even though I know we all try) because you can always cut inside the lines. I say this because I know it's really hard to draw in photo shop. You can also use the lines tool too. That's how I got these envelopes. I have TONS of envelopes from old greeting cards I purchased, etc. with a variety of sizes, but like I mentioned before, not too many complete and large sets. 

Here are some pretty print envelopes for you..... 

 And here are some neutrals (sepia + black/white)

I hope you enjoy!


Theresa said...

Thank you, these are fabulous! t.xoxo

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Thanks for these great printable envelopes. Love the choices. I bet the plain printable could be printed on patterned paper as long as you could see the lines to cut. So exciting. I've pinned it. ~ Abby

Patti P. said...

Oh my, loving this, thanks so much!! I have pinned it as well.

Waseem said...

Thanks for the free printable..I will use it for Gift Card envelopes.