Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daughter's 10th Birthday And FREE Mother's Day Printable Card!!

Well, my daughter's birthday was Tuesday... We had it fall on Mother's Day one year which was really cool... It didn't this year, but it did fall on "Kid's Night" at their FAVORITE buffet place... Notice the balloon crown :D (my son got a sword, I don't want him to read this and see I forgot him! LOL) ---

This is my daughter... Notice her sweatshirt? Yes, another "you're so smart Mom!" moment.... Apparently her dress that she picked out for her special day was too cute to wear a coat or a sweatshirt until we got there and realized she was freezing.... Thank goodness Mom's always cold and has an extra sweatshirt in the truck at all times! haha!

And that's my day... We ended up doing a little shopping too!!!!! 

And now we are onto Mother's Day... It's coming.... I hope I scored some brownie points with her birthday! HAHA... Kids asked me what I want for Mother's Day... I said "clean bedrooms." They asked if they could make me breakfast instead, lol... Mind you, their rooms aren't bad at all, I'm just picky :D 

Here's a free printable Mother's Day Card for you to print and use! 
Print two out, then cut out a few of the details and use pop dots to give your card a dimensional feel.
You can also add flowers, a little stickles and more to give it a little flair! 

Click HERE to open in a new window... Then right click and choose save as

I hope you enjoy!!! XOXO


Little Birdie Blessings said...

Happy Happy birthday to your daughter. Your kids are adorable. What a fun time you all must have had. Thanks for the mother's day printable. That's a good idea to print 2 for a dimensional effect. I love the layers and the way you put it together. Thanks so much!!! ~ Abby

marlah24 said...

So beautiful thanks so much for your generosity.