Saturday, May 21, 2011

Add facebook to your website!

I found this, this morning, while looking for a contact form for my facebook page. This is really neat! I have uploaded it here to show you. The first page is the facebook app. It's quick to install. All you do is type your info in the box and then click on it! Then you just go to your blog or website, choose the HTML option, and then paste :) LOVE easy stuff like this! 

To get the app, go here:

Then this is my website. It's still being put together, which is why I haven't been "bragging" about it. If you'd like, feel free to leave me some feedback. I've never made one before and anything is helpful :D 
That link will bring you directly to the app I installed on my blog this morning! :) I'm loving it! 

Okay, I'll be back later with some crafty ideas :D

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Yay it took me a couple of tries to figure out how to completely add the facebook button, but I got it. Thanks for the post :)