Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anniversary Time! And of course a sale!

Hi!! Tomorrow will be 1 year since I have opened my etsy shop! Woot! Woot! And like I've written on facebook this morning, I met so many awesome people along the way. I really think that etsy is great! So because of my wonderful time, I am offering a coupon code to use in the shop! ANNIVERSARY will give you 15% off your entire order! Woot! And hmmm, I'm thinking about more of an incentive, because I'd love to get this word out to everyone! So what we will do is, if you share the link on twitter or facebook, come back, leave me the link to your post and your email address and I will email a secret coupon code for 25% off your entire order!

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You can go to my Etsy Shop , click the link above that says "etsy" or click on the link HERE to take you to that page on my blog :)

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL upcoming weekend! And if you are looking for any freebies let me know! I LOVE to create little things for everyone! Inspiration and ideas are most definitely welcome!

And if you want a head start on halloween, or things to display your jewelry on, here are just a SMALL idea of what I have in the shop currently  :)
Spooky Halloween Tags - Script, Vintage Inspired, Black Text, Hand Aged, Silver Ribbon BOO Halloween Tags - Vintage Inspired, Hand Aging, Scalloped Edges Halloween Tags, Hocus Pocus Magic - Hand Aged, Vintage Inspired, Green Satin RIbbon
Eat It - I Dare you - Halloween Tags - Vintage Inspired, Hand Aged, Purple Organdy Ribbon Jewelry Cards,  Display for Earrings - Floral, Bird, Corner Accent, Vintage Inspired and Hand Stamped Camera Embellishments, Shaped, Smile, Pink, Red, Subway Art Inspired with Text

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