Sunday, January 1, 2012

My First Journal Entry

Well, like I said, I would show you my journal and I will be doing this with you! 

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I decided for my first journal entry, I would do something I did in 2011 that I've never done before...... 
My answer............. camping :) 

Here is my journal cover. I've taken an composition notebook and covered it. I like composition notebooks because they're binded very securely and inexpensive. I can always make something look pretty, I don't need to buy one that someone else decorated or embellished for me. No fancy journals needed for me, lol. That's where I come in! I love doing this stuff! 

Here are the pictures of what the composition notebook looked like to begin with a little taste of the inside.... 
I've also shown that I've truly written in it :) I kept it brief because I could've written alot... 

There's my journal entry! Ta-da! 

Did you make a journal? Want to share? I am going to gather everyone who sends theirs in and create an awesome blog posts with everyone's work. If you do send a photo and you have a link that you would like me to link to (your blog, etc) give me the link in the email.... My email is

Send them in!!! Let's get everyone going on this! It's going to be awesome to see what we remember! 

Need some journal prompts?

Journal Prompts


Micupoftea~ said...

Great those sweet fairies! Camping~ love it! I have great memories of camping. HAPPY 2012! Joy and blessings :)

CraftyLoops said...

What a gorgeous cover Emily. And I love the journal prompts, what a great idea. Lee x

kahaulani said...

love the journal been meaning to make a smash journal :)I'm doing this with a book that I collect all kinds of poems and quotes,I'm forever writing them on pieces of paper here and there

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thank you! I just have to remember that I have it and continue to write in it often. and I am the same way, I have little pieces of paper everywhere! lol.