Monday, February 13, 2012

{{Free}} Printable Valentine's Day Tags

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! :) It was really nice here. I spent the entire weekend with the family. We didn't do too much crazy stuff, just hung around, did a little shopping at good ol' Wally World, etc. but it was nice and much needed stop to the work for a minute. I usually work through the weekends too, on orders, and the kids are usually busy doing other things but they really wanted to hang out with Mom and Dad so we did everything together. Right down to laundry. lol. Here we are Monday morning and the week begins all over again. Hugged and kissed the kids, sent them off to school and started making my rounds here online. Answering emails, etc. Definitely am making myself a to do list so I can stay on track though, lol.

Well, after the kiddos went to bed last night I decided to start working on today's post..... I have a few vintage-y :) tags and a few for the kiddos in case you're like me and finishing up the goody bags tonight for their wonderful event in school tomorrow.... 

                                       Download                                                               Download

I absolutely LOVE this little cupid's face! It just makes me giggle! I love these tags.... 

And just in case you're like me, and think you're doing great on time but realize that valentine's day is tomorrow and you forgot labels or valentine's for your kids, here are a few last minute ones that I made. I will be using these, but I will probably just add in my kids names (either Daryll or Mackenzie)... I tried to be pretty neutral on the tags.... Making them work for either a little girl or a little boy. I have a boy and a girl so everything in my house is split down the middle :) I might as well have twins. They're only 10 months apart (Mackenzie was a preemie, so she was a little early making the difference pretty close) and I still remember pouring them a glass of milk when they were really tiny and having to look at the cups sideways to make sure they had the same amount. lol. Or they both had the same color lolli or same size pancake, lol.




Okay! Off to work (at my table) - So I hope you enjoy these! 
xoxo Emily 

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Theresa said...

Thank you, they are adorable!