Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On The Hunt For GORGEOUS Packaging

Nomatter if you sell your creations, work or pieces of art, or even if we give them away, do you ever look at your packaging and feel "blah" - It's getting old. You want something new. That's where I am at. First off let me tell you that I cannot wrap a present to save my life. It's actually an ongoing joke at Christmas. The kids probably think that Santa drinks way too much eggnog while wrapping. It's bad. I've gotten better and found what I am doing wrong, but still, for the items that I sell, I would love for customers to open their package and be wowed instead of OMG - haha :) So currently I have my vintage book page toppers on top of cello bags to minimize the shock of my lack of wrapping skills :D But I'm bored. I'm on the hunt for some inspiration. Do I use wraps? Bags? And then I prefer to ship my paper items completely flat and with a rigid piece of cardboard for support so I can't have too much frill because of the bulk. And I'm sure I could come up with a gorgeous design but I also do not want to pass that cost down to the customer, even indirectly. So as I said.... I'm hunting :D

While I was hunting I was coming across some GORGEOUS works of art... wrapping works of art and some were just so stunning it has evolved into a blog post. I am sure that you will LOVE some of these too. How couldn't you?! And as always, you will be able to link to their page either by clicking on the photo or by a little link... 

Here we go...........

Can we say gorgeous! And look at the mason jar! 
You know you can find a template to use
on my blog too.... 

*This photo was found on Flickr here

I love all the colors also! The pinks, yellows and the baker's twine. I know when it first came out we all bought it in bulk and then 
realized we could buy it in wholesale. And you probably have alot! lol.


I like this with the wraps and the label. Really simple and sweet. And it's a free printable for you too! So if you like these, you can go here and print them out for your own special presents and gifts!

And I just love these little pillow boxes! So Sweet for Spring!

I like this too, here

So cute! And upcycled! And can definitely be adapted and twisted into a vintage inspired wrapping.... And they even have a tutorial to make these paper flowers HERE

I've really been looking for a paper bag style inspiration. I really like the brown kraft look and it will match my logo with the little bird. I like brown (and teal) especially together! This little simple sweet treat was found here. I like the simple cream twine too. I think I can handle something like this without screwing it up too bad! HAHAHA - And it will keep cost down too. 
 Love these little ideas also! Over at "Oh, hello friend" she has a few different ways of wrapping and some are even upcycled ideas, which I really like! And those ideas keep cost down and look really neat! 

 I LOVE TULLE!!! Especially for adding little details. This I will sometimes do on my packages too to dress them up. I will tie my packages up with twine and then in the center, I will add pieces of tulle. I usually cut them into 2 inch wide strips and then tie them on in the center. So you get the same effect, but not too much bulk all around the package (just for mailing purposes). I found this little picture over at ehow Home. 

I love this little idea too! Isn't it adorable! I found this over at OnceWed. Pretty stinking cute if you ask me! I love the pennants across the top. 

 This was originally for Christmas, but I like it all year round.... I think it has a real nice rustic look to it. And it would be great for guys or gals :) Found HERE

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