Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Vintage Images, Digi Stamps and Textures

There is absolutely NO method to my madness today! LOL.... It's just a little bit of everything. 

Here are some neat rulers. I've had this ruler for awhile now. Like a long while, lol. I also made it in a few other colors. This is a ruler collage sheet, so simply click on any part of the rulers and then when it opens in a new window, right click and choose save as. 

Here are some neat old magazine ads. They lockets or pendants. I LOVE the old looks. I always remember being a little girl and going to yard sales and getting all excited when I would find old things like this. I am pretty sure that I got that from my Dad. Saturdays always meant yardsaling. It was always fun. I STILL love yard sales, thrift shops, etc. and my kids who are 9 and 10 LOVE to go with me. 

I then colored a few of the pocket watch's


And then here are the textures... 

I really love these blue textured papers.. 



I made these textures about a week ago. I was playing around and trying a few things :) 

And here are a few snippets from the wash boards ad.... 

In Pink...

In Teal...

In Black + White

And Sepia

Here's the Emblem



Micupoftea said...

More the rulers! :)

Dawnll said...

Well you know I pinned it to share
I Love, Love, Love those rulers to flippin cool

1CardCreator said...

Love the rulers Emily!

Anonymous said...

I love rulers too. I could see using them in so many ways.

Pinned them too.

Any chance you might open your comments to folks not using Google or OpenId's? My WordPress account is a sad little blog.


p.s. I can't wait until I get my site redesign done so you can see what I've done with your terrific banner!