Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crafty Sunday....

Well, it's the morning and I am drinking my coffee. Looking for something new today. Something I haven't tried before. Different card, layout or even a different technique. If and when I come across something I will be sure to share :) If you have any ideas, please share too. I learned how to make paper roses. Then I figured out a way to to make them tiny so I can use them for my tags, embellishments, etc. They're really simple to make, but make sure you use scrap paper till you get the hang of it. I used book pages, so I had ALOT of those, lol. 

For when you start, (you can create different sizes as you get the hang of it), but here's how it goes....

1. Cut out a four inch circle

2. Then you will cut it into a spiral. Then cut the pointy tip off

3. Then you will roll the spiral up really tight.

4 Glue the end to the bottom of the flower.

5. Ink it or leave it plain I inked the edges to make them look vintage for my embellies.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend :) 

You can use these for anything and add them to anything! They're great & amazingly "durable" considering they are made out of paper. I guess because they are rolled so tight it makes them "tougher." :) 

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