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100 Ways To Use Ribbon

100 ways to use ribbon!!! I LOVE to collect ribbon (along with paper, glue, pens, flowers, and I decided to gather all my ideas or inspirations in one spot. Some are just thoughts and ideas that I have, and other's are inspirations that I found on pinterest for starters. You can find me on pinterest here....

Here's 100 ways to use ribbon.... If I got the idea off pinterest, there will be a link back to the source (of course!)

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1. Make a ribbon garland.... ribbon Found here

2. Make bowl fillers like these little balls... ribbon Found here

3.  Make ribbon flowers... of ribbon Found here

4.  Use to wrap an invitation... ribbon Found Here

5. Make a table skirt ribbon! Found here

6. Make a ribbon wreath... Pretty simple, grab a wreath form and simply start tieing pieces of ribbon all the way around being sure to cover all the wreath form. You shouldn't see any of the wreath form... Remember to slide the ribbons down and smush them together if you have to :)

7. Make little ribbon trees.... ribbon :)  Found HERE - These would be cute for any time of the year... Use bright green ones for the springtime, earth tones for the fall, etc.

8.  Click on photo to see the tutorial from Martha Stewart on these little flowers... Ribbon

9.  Party Decor.... You can tie these onto the tree branch, a railing, etc. Ribbon

10. I thought this was a pretty neat way to put in a "big girls" hair :) ribbon

11. Use it to make a necklace... Ribbon

12. Use it to tie silverware together, for your table setting :) You can gather your fork, knife and spoon... Maybe even add your napkin underneath before you do...

13. Gift Wrapping

14. Sew around a pillow

15. Hang Wreaths

16. Hang Ornaments

17. Hang Pictures

18. Tie around a jar

19. Put a bunch of fun colors in a jar for decoration

20. Tie around your head as a headband

21. Hold Curtains Back

22. Add to your scrapbook layouts

23. Tie Ribbon Around Cinnamon Sticks and Place in places that you would like to smell nice

24. Stick a bunch of ribbon inside a mason jar along with a string of battery operated LED lights and turn on!

25. Use to bind a mini album

26. Take a stack of old books and wrap a ribbon around for decoration

27. Take a piece of muslin or fabric, gather potpourri in the middle and then bring up all the sides and gather. Tie a ribbon around to make a little sachet.

28. Take a WIDE ribbon, glue the bottom and sides and attach it to a scrapbook page or a page in a mini album to create a pocket

29. Take a brown lunch bag, fold the top over and punch two holes, side by side. String ribbon through and have them facing the same side. Tie into a bow. Very cute packaging for so many things.

30. Use to keep a journal closed... Simply fold the ribbon in half and then place your notebook inbetween and glue the ribbon onto the top and bottom. Not the spine. Make sure you leave enough on the side of the book that opens so you can tie or make a bow.

31. Tie at the top of straws for decoration and party flair!

32.  Another tutorial to make a bowmust repin! looks so easy!

33. Tie up a bouquet of flowers

34. Tie up a group of skeleton keys for decoration

35. Glue to the bottom of a candle at the base for detail

36. Tie onto a chandelier

37. Tie to the back of a chair for your event ribbon

38. Decorate an old lampshade Ribbon

39. Wrap around a tree ribbon

40. Make a greeting card Ribbon

41. Use as a photo prop 

42. Use it to upcycle an old can into a vase... ribbon

43. A tutorial on how to make the perfect bow.... Ribbon Crafts

44. Another Flower Tutorial Using Ribbon Ribbon rosettes #packaging #crafts #rose #flower

45. How to make curly ribbon how to make curly ribbon for various crafts

46. Funk up your flip flops.... Ribbon Flip Flops - great for family crafts!

47. Make ribbon wands... Get a dowel, paint if you'd like to any color! and then tie ribbon strips to the top! Simple and so cute! And little girls just love these!

48. Use to tie up your shoes. My daughter got a pair of converse this year for school and they actually came with purple ribbon shoelaces!

49. String ribbon from point a to point b like a clothesline and get pretty clothes pins and use to hang kids artwork etc. This would be really sweet for a little girls room.... Or even if you find a rustic print ribbon, would be awesome for a little boy's room too! Kitchen for memo's.... etc.

50. Use as a bookmark

51. Tie a few pretty pieces to a purse handle

52. To make your own fabric ribbon, simply find a pattern of fabric that you like and cut a tiny slit. Then grab ahold of it and rip all the way down to the end :) Then you can stamp it, etc. Make sure you pull off those little loose ends and stragglers :)

53. Put a bunch of different (or same color) ribbons in the bottom of a vase before adding artificial flowers. It will be a pretty and easy way to hide the "stems"

54. Add to your clothing.... ribbon!

55. Embroider with it!

56. Make little clips with it! Ribbon paperclips #crafts #paperclip #ribbon Simple... Ribbon and paper clips!

57. Use it to tie tags onto presents and party favors

58. You can stamp some ribbons to customize them all your own!

59.  dye them!

60.  Braid a few different ones together to make a purse handle, embellishment, etc.

61. Use it to tie together pillowcases  <------ (yellow ones)

62. Make a necklace.... Add large beads, and when it's filled up, knot, or tie in a bow.

63. Crochet it for a different look

64. Use for little embellishments on tags, scrapbook layouts and more

65. Tie a bunch of ribbons all the way around a handle of a basket

66. Tie onto the tops of toothpicks and stick into your sandwiches for a little flair! :)

67. Tie around doorknobs or dresser drawers

68. Decopage with thin ribbons

69. Use ribbon as a drawstring on pretty bags. You can either pull out the twine or string that is already in it or make yourself one. If you do use one that already has a drawstring, simply pull out the twine or cord that you do not want. Then put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon and work it through feeling it with your fingers.... If you'd like a tutorial on how to make your own drawstring back... out of denim leftovers no less, you can find so here... 
pant leg bag tutorial.  i saved all the pant legs from gracie's jeans we just made into shorts! i knew i would find something to do with them.

70. Make ribbon barrettes.... There's a tutorial here 
71. Weave together to make a mini album.... or even a full size album cover!!! You can find the tutorial here

72.  Tie little bows onto bracelets for a little extra flair. I have purchased bracelets like this. Organdy ribbon can look really pretty like this too!

73. Make a bow out of the ribbon and hot glue the ribbon bow to the top of a headband... To the side a little

74.  Make bows and attach them to the front of little girls shoes like ballet flats....

75. Make a ribbon Angel  Tutorial for Ribbon Angel Here

76. Weave ribbon in and out of a chain, like a jewelry chain for detail.... 

77.  Make a ribbon pillow Frugal fun crafts woven ribbon pillow finished Tutorial for the pillow here 

78. Make a recycled spool box 

79. Make a necklace and tie little pieces inbetween the beads.... 

80.  Run the ribbon through the sewing machine, a straight stitch from beginning to end.... Then take it off the sewing machine. Knot one end and then pull the one of the threads to "scrunch" up the ribbon to make ruffles.

81.  Weave ribbon through a basket 

82. Make little clips... using alligator clips Ribbon Covered Clips Grosgrain Ribbon Covered Clips

83. Make a ribbon necklace... 

84. Make ribbon photo corners for your scrapbooking 

85. Make a ribbon chain 

86. Make a mobile 

87. Upcycle a lampshade with ribbon

88. Add detail to a scrapbook layout by running across it and then maybe even sewing it! *The Real Me* Layout

89. Punch holes around a paper plate and weave the ribbon through the holes. How cute would these be for like a cookie exchange or something?! Adorable!
Decorate a paper plate with ribbon 

90. Use to tie on charms

91. Use to make the handles on a DIY tote bag

92. Sew around the bottom of a dress, end of sleeves, etc. You can even use a few different ribbons or colors.

93. Replace a drawstring in a pair of pants... Similar way to removing the twine/cord out of a drawstring bag.

94. Sew to the bottom of towels, etc. for detail - Kitchen cloths, bathroom cloths, etc.

95. Make your own award ribbon.... create the starburst center part out of cardstock and have ribbon hang down. Attach in the back.

96.  Attach to the sticks at the top of candy apples and more!!! 

97. Ribbon and heart garland 

98.  For the ringbearer.... DIY Wedding Ring Pillow! Adorable! 

99.  Weave ribbon into bracelets

100.   Make little bunny bows :)

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