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A list of wonderful ideas and inspiration. These are not all mine (as much as I would love to say they are) so simply click on the photo to take you to the post of where the tutorial or free printable lives..... 

Here is super simple shimmer paint recipe
1/4 tsp. of mica powder
1/4 tsp of glycerin
1-2 drops of water
Blend together in small container (film canister works great) & paint.
If you have some shimmer paint, rubbing alcohol and a mini mister you can create your own Glimmer Mist as well. Fill the mini mister (to 1/4" below the screwthreads) with rubbing alcohol. Add a couple drops of shimmer - add cap, shake well.

Great way to make your own paper tutorial

       DSC00628 512x384 The Whole Happy Fabric Flower Tutorial Family + Fabric Flower eBook  envelope_beauty      Landrews_FPApril11_2  

    D Sharp paint chip garland wrap