Thursday, September 1, 2011

65 Ways to use all those paper scraps!

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We all have paper scraps! No matter what we create... layouts, tags and more. Instead of throwing them away, let's see what other creative things that we can do with them! I keep a plastic bag tied to my table and add all my paper scraps to it as I go. This way, when I get ready to, I can create adorable things! 

1. You can use these small scraps to create punches - Flowers, Dots, etc. 

2. Use to make confetti

3. Use to make paper bunting. Take the little strips, cut them into rectangles and then fold them in half over twine. 

4. Create mosaics

6. Make your own stickers. Cut out or draw your design and add it to double sided tape.

8. Stamp random images on scraps, trim around, and then use these for accents

9. Decorate pages in your art journal

10. Fold in half to make little gift cards

11. Make a little tree with layers. How cute would this be with patterned papers too! 
This is my VERY 'rough' draft, lol

 And here's a pattern for you to use, print out, or draw your own

12.  Collages

13. Use to line envelopes

14. Donate it to schools, preschools, etc. 

15. Make little notecards, cut them down to size

16. Give to a beginner scrapbooker who needs all the help they can get

17. Create borders and backgrounds

18. Cut out pages for mini albums

19. Shred and use for packing

20. Create this light  Click on photo to go to tutorial

22. Sew them together to create a background. Tutorial here

23. Create little things and make magnets

24. Use to cut alpha out of them

25. Create titles for layouts and cards

26.  Journaling spots.... you can mat them also for extra dimension

27. Cut out a bunch of circles, scalloped circles, etc and sew them together to create a garland

28.  Cut imperfect circles, crumple up, then uncrumple, layer them together, attach with a brad and you have a flower. You can also ink the edges after it's been put together too, to give detail and dimension. 

29. Cut triangles or similar shapes to create photo corners

30. Make a little matchbook notebook - Found a tutorial here

31. Create a title with a bunch of punched out circles:

32. Add a bunch to cover a notebook

33. Sew some together in a block pattern, to make a paper quilt. 

34. Cover lids to jars. You can find a tutorial here if you need one.

35. How to decoupage using paper scraps here

36. Create wall art... here's some inspiration HERE

37. Card templates using scraps here and I made one too

38. Make paper dolls, outfits, paper piece together outfits for your tear bears and critters

39. Make clothespin dolls... Here is an image of one to give you an idea
Clothespin Dolls

41. Small photo mats

42. Crumple, Crimp, etc. and layer to create texture on a background or detail

43. Make paper daisies. You can find a tutorial here

44. Have a scrap swapping party! Everyone get together and swap scraps because we know we are ALL sick of looking at the same paper, over and over and over! 

45. Cover a chipboard shape or letter

46. Make napkin rings

47. Add to the bottom of clear glass or clear pebbles to make magnets and stuff like that ;)

48. Cover wooden clothespins

49. Create labels. Maybe to use in your pantry, organization, etc. 

50. Make a bookmark

51. Line the bottom of little gift boxes

52. Cover a scrabble tile or scrabble style block to make a pendant

53. Fold over to make tabs in your albums or pull out journaling cards

54. Making embellishments tutorial

55. Weave it! Great tutorial HERE

56. Use paper scraps to decoupage a bowl like THIS

57. Create a LOVE jar, or something similar. Take your paper strips, write little messages, or why you love that person and then fold and put in the jar. 

59. Make paper mache (paper mache tutorial here)

60. Make a birds nest bowl (Birds Nest Tutorial HERE)
Craft Project: Bird's Nest Bowl

61. Make tiny envelopes - click on any image to enlarge, download and print :) 

62. Stamp, Stain and Decorate scraps to make backgrounds for ATC Cards.
This lady has some easy ideas with items we already have laying  around HERE

63. Cut out shapes and glitter the ENTIRE shape for a blingy embellishment!

64.  Create paper buttons! Punch a circle then take a smaller punch and punch two holes in the center! 

65. Make little bows. Fold each in half, glue the ends. Then you will point each towards the center 


LunaMoonbeam said...

Great!!! (I'd add rolled paper beads to the list....because it's the only scrap project I've ever done. Haha)

3 Hip Chics said...

what a wonderful many great ideas...can't wait to try some..thanks so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

Emily - you legend! Some of these ideas are absolute rippers! Can't wait to get 'making'.

Thanks for going to the trouble of making the list AND embedding all the links.

Donna said...

Wow - what an awesome "go to" list - I hate just throwing away all those small pieces - Now I have plenty ideas. Thanks so for sharing this!

UniqueGiftz said...

Thank you so very much! I am new to scrap booking and just found your site thru Pinterest! Amazing art! Thanks again, Happy and Blessed day to you!

Unknown said...

I have plenty of ideas to try now. Thank you!