Saturday, October 8, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness {free} printables

Good morning! It's saturday! Kids have a 3 day weekend (and I'm really excited! I missed them since school has started and they're not home as much!) and this morning they already headed out the door to play outside. I decided that since it's October, we need breast cancer awareness printables.... Some have a pink border and then I sat there and added little polka dots (yes, I had too much time and coffee this morning, lol) - I had some of them vary in size, alternating in a pattern and some are the same. If you'd like to create stuff like this, a great and FREE program to do some basics is That's how I can get the words to arch as such. It's limited, but I manage :) lol

Here are some printable tags, or embellies. You can punch holes & add twine
Use double sided tape and stick them on gifts, favor bags, etc. 

Then I made some little flags.... These are pretty cute! All you have to do is fold
them in half and then add glue or a little double sided tape. You can add these to the top 
of straws (not to close to where you put the lips though, lol) or you can add them to little toothpicks
and stick into sandwiches, treats, cupcakes, etc.

Then here are some pink and white chevron tags. I've already put a little dot for you 
so it's easy when you go to punch the hole :) 

Here is a free tag too! I left this one by itself. Simply cut out and add to your gift. 

Here are some more embellies. These say "Think Pink" You can make into tags, or 
these would make adorable cupcake toppers too! 

Here are some basic pink tags to write your own text, design, or sentiment

Here are some little wrappers for your tiny chocolates

Here are two styles of tags.... In memory of and in honor of...
Take twine, bakers, a pretty string, even thin lace and let people hang these :) to create a garland

Printable treat toppers for your little bags of goodies. I left the inside blank to write your 
own words. 

Here are some more pink tags..... 

Here are some place cards or tent table setting

Water bottle labels.... 

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Hope you are able to use all or any of them! :) 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freebie printable business cards! Blank templates! You add the text!

Hey!!!! How are you?! I created some free business cards for you! Simply save the one (or all if you'd like) and then open in your favorite program to add text. Pretty simple :) I hope you enjoy. They are saved at traditional business card size of 2" x 3 1/2"

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Here is the first one. Has a really pretty Victorian print
Here's my card! I did one to show you what it could look like....

This one has a vintage feel to it. I love the edges on this one! 

This one below has an elegant feel, but depending on what font you use, you can really grunge it up too!.... 

Do you sew? Make clothing and accessories? (yah, I'm jealous if you do! lol) here's one for you. 

Hah! Look at this one.... A tattered, washed and faded jeans label! 

Here's one if you're into cooking or baking, or just like the vintage flatware  :) 

Fun and polka dots! Cute shiny brad detail. Left space in the center for you to add your text! 
This one can be used for so many things from paper art to cupcake making! 

Dragonfly wings on linen! 

Paper bag on a tight knit burlap 

au natural! leaves, tattered and worn book page... pretty! 

Vintage truck on striped cardboard background!

Yah, I had to play with this one again! Has a torn paper on the left for some extra detail.... 

I love the simplicity of this one! And it might be easy on your ink too! 

This one is so pretty! I would definitely use a bold font with this one! 

This one here I like alot too!!! I think I might use this one sometime soon too! 

And this one with the vintage roses..... 

And I like the layers on this one.... It seems like there's a background of flowers too! 

okay! Hope you enjoy and that you are able to use them! Any request?! Drop me a line in the comment section! 

Comments are appreciated and welcomed! Totally!!! <3 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

22 Ideas for plain' ol masking tape or washi tape

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Well, I got looking at something this morning, that involved masking tape, and I noticed how it would look great and compare to washi tape and it'd be DIY washi tape :) I can stamp it, color it, everything! I can make it look exactly how I want to!

Well then it got me thinking besides DIY washi tape, what other crafts can you do with masking tape, because I want to know how many rolls I'll have to buy today! LOL. So I decided to compile a few of my favorite projects. All link love goes back to the original sites and posts in case you would like to see more of their project and when I'm done being inspired & putting the ideas to use, I'll take a few photos of mine too! :D

Here is my list of favorite and inspiring masking tape projects....

How about using the tape as ribbon! :) Cute! 

Look at these little flowers...... 

And this is my personal favorite, use them at the top of the journaling cards (I've done this before with other stickers, etc! Quick, easy and so cute! ) 

AND I JUST LOVE THIS! I've done this before too! Isn't it really neat! 

Make a masking tape background, tutorial, for cards, atc cards, etc.....
masking tape background tutorial

American crafts actually has stickers that look like masking tape too! These are inspiring!
We can do this, right?! Too cute! 

I like the little tag idea from here

Here is where you can find some FREE digital tape!!!!! So many cute designs too! Pugly Pixel!!! 
Free Clip Art: Tape Strips

Cupcake toppers! Mini Flags!

Package up your items..........

Here's another cute and simple way to decorate a journal:
Japanese masking tape
Remember, you can rubberstamp or draw on the tape to give it a similar look! Take a pencil, flip it over and look at the eraser then say to yourself "That would make cute polka dots!" then take the eraser, dip it in ink and go stamping! lol

Make Garland, place card holder, bunting, Decorate an envelope,

Make table cards!
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You can even etch using masking tape (a little more of a process though, lol)
Pinned Image HERE

Want to make your own masking tape or washi tape?! go here, she has a tutorial!


Make Your Own Mini Washi Tape Strips... free printable gingham pattern

and the materials cost is pretty low 

How cute are these paper clips?!!!! I don't know where they originate from, as there's no link connected to it :( Sowweeee.

There's a great tutorial to make these little envelopes HERE

How about these cute business cards???!! This one really has my attention!

And there's a tutorial for these cute little clothespins HERE 
Magnetic backed clothespins with Japanese masking tape.

Okay! Go get creative! I gotta run to Walmart now, I need more masking tape, lol :D