Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Printable Organizing Labels

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Well, today I was supposed to have the house ALL to myself! Well, first the coffee pot broke, then I heated it up on the stove and finally, a cup of HOT coffee, only to realize I had no sugar! lol. Then the kids sleepover fell through because her friend was sick :( and then my son is home and their Dad came home early from work! So, I decided to throw away my plans for today and start all over tomorrow. I tend to make a mess when I organize, yes, it's usually a disaster, so I like to work alone :) So I figured I would start some stuff for today that way tomorrow I can get it finished quickly. Well, here are some labels for you to use too, to organize your items!

Free printable organizing labels. These will all print/fit on an 8 x 11 sheet of paper/cardstock

Happy organizing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Printable Journaling Cards - Ephemera Inspired

Good afternoon! I decided to create a few more journaling cards. They all have an ephemera "feel" to them and I've done these in black and white. These are great to print out and hand age the edges. Or you can fill in the colors before you print out :) OR (lol) print out on colored cardstock......

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Click to download :)
I don't care how you use them, I only ask that they remain free as intended! 


Free Printable Journaling Spots and Tags

Hi! This is just going to have to be a quick post today :( I have had a few custom orders that I have been working on and haven't had much time for anything, but I am almost done and should be able to really play again tonight! yaye! :)

Well, I really wanted to put up a free printable for you real quick, they're little journaling spots. Some are boxes, circles, and a title or two ;)

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Click to download :) 

Okay, off to finish up some orders! I'll be back later :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Coupons, My Pinterest Inspiration and more :)

Coupons... Inspiration... yah, it must be Sunday! Getting ready for the crafty week ahead ;) What to make?! what to make?! Well, I have found some ideas for you! 

Let's look at some Pinterest inspiration first, that way when we get to the bottom for the coupons, we will know what we are just HAVING to buy :) If you are on pinterest, you can find me here on PINTEREST. I'd love to have you follow me and follow you back! You never know, maybe you can get featured also! If you'd like to have something that you made on my blog, let me know! I love Link Love :) 

So first, on pinterest, I LOVE this tag and this is so my creative style. Wanna get that neat finish?

You can learn how to create this Faux Tarnished Metal look 

Then there are some free printables for you..... Click on image, and then right click and choose save as
You can also go and get more :) She finds them all on Flickr. Have you tried that? I hate looking for personal use vs. commercial use, lol. Too much work sometimes. You can also get free printable collage sheets here too! Not sure about the TOU so you will have to check that out. 

And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this Scrapbook Layout from Prima !!!! Isn't it gorgeous?! I love the clothesline style and the concept. I have done this before, and it comes out great! And it looks so detailed! 
Chipboard PrettyLittleThing_StacyCohen

And now there's a tutorial to create these victorian inspired cones.... which are really popular right now ;) 

This is actually pretty neat. It's a tutorial on how to stencil with a doily and a sharpie. However, I think I thought of an easier way that should also take less time..... Lay down  your doily onto where you want your design. Then you will ink it with your ink pad. Similar to when you sponge paint. I think a smaller ink pad would work better. These would be neat to do this and then trim around to make a tag.... oh boy! Guess what I am doing today! lol :) 

SONY DSC                      
There's a cute little card making tutorial here - Very simple and great for a beginner. 

And here's an easy way to decorate a mason jar lid - And it's a GREAT way to use up all those paper scraps! You're going to use little paper strips anyways :) I always save mine in a little bag and when the kids complain that they are bored, I make them punch little shapes out of the paper! lol :D 

And this is also sooooo awesome! Make paper windmill straws tutorial! Woot! They just scream fun! 
Straws 1

Okay and here are some of my creations for the week! Maybe you can get some inspiration as well! 

Life is Sweet Cupcake Toppers and  Party Picks - Argyle - Vintage Inspired
Eat Me - Alice in Wonderland Inspired Party Toppers - Vintage Inspired
Candy Shoppe and Lollipops Hang Tags - Vintage Inspired Thank You Tags - Vintage Inspired - Shabby Chic - Teal Aqua Manila Cream Just a Note Mini Notecards Brown Aqua Pink
Pink and Brown Floral Mini Notecards Shabby and Vintage Inspired Happy Birthday No Regifting Vintage Inspired Hang Tags Merci Hang Tags - Shabby Chic Pink and Vintage Inspired

And here are the coupons!