Saturday, August 4, 2012

NEW Halloween Tags...

poison labels test tubes vials  halloween poem
Poison Labels, Vials and The Sweet Side of Halloween.... Click on any image to see more (and purchase)

Picture witch's brew labels witch's ball
Wicked Cupcake Toppers, Witch's Brew and of course, A Witch's Ball!

vintage halloween flash cards  Picture Picture
Vintage Flash Cards (Aged and All Cream) and BEWARE Spooky Skeleton Tags

Picture bat frame tags vintage labels Picture
Wicked laid over a vintage crown, Bat Frame and of course Vintage Costumes.... 

Picture skull crossbones dare tags  halloween
Trick or Treat, Eat if you Dare and "Have Yourself A Horribly Happy Halloween"

ghost bingo cards  Picture HALLOWEEN JOURNAL CARDS
Ghost and SPOOK Bingo Cards, and then a variety of 6 Journal Cards

creeping halloween scary tags  boo bunting  owl tags spider
Picture Picture Picture
skull trick or treat tags  Picture Picture

Friday, August 3, 2012

Free Printable Vintage Watermelon Tags

What a week! I have been super super super busy and trying to keep up with everything is just nuts! And yes, the weekend is tomorrow, but that means some more school shopping.... FUN FUN! Which is why I have been so busy lately.... I haven't turned down any custom orders because I knew I would really be needing the money here for school shopping.... So in turn, I've had quite a few late nights this week, and I'm still not done yet. lol.
I just hope that my kids inherit my hard work ethic... And appreciate everything I do too... 
Which I think is every Mom's wish.... 

Well, all over Facebook I've been seeing National Watermelon Day.... And I guess this is new to me, which is surprising because I just LOVE watermelon, but it did inspire me to make some new vintage tags.... They have an old watermelon seed packet... 

Click directly on image to open in a new window or click HERE 
and then you will right click and choose "Save As"

Off to take a little break and then get some last minute things done to have them in the mail tomorrow!