Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finished up my makeup jar, now it's time to alter it!

Well, I had this jar and I just couldn't throw it away (I'm bad like that... I love to alter & reuse everything!).

So I got to thinking.... how cute would something like this be, altered, and given as a gift with the reasons why you love that person?! So I came up with this idea.

I thoroughly cleaned the jar (3 times.... to make sure it was really really clean) and then plugged in my glue gun. (My next purchase is so going to be a cordless!). I looked at it, and since I have a 'thing' for the vintage inspired look, I got out my materials. I covered all the way around the frosted jar with paper, and then another piece of paper after trimming the top and bottom. Glued ribbon to the top and then a thinner pink grosgrain ribbon in loops for a little fun. I then added embellishments to the top and a heart on the front. The heart covers the seam. I don't like my work to show. No seams, glue, etc. Even if I have to get creative & touch it up with glitter, I will alot. 

I was going to use 1 1/2 inch scalloped circle diecuts to put inside to write on, but they just wouldn't fit. In or out easily, so I went with a simple 1 inch circle. I inked the edges on everything to give it a sweet shabby & vintage appeal. 

Maybe you will find something you can reuse around your house?! Sometimes it's the items we least expect :)
Happy Craftin' Scrappin' & Rubberstampin'

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have our winner!

We have our winner! 

Well I've had my first giveaway on facebook for reaching 200 fans! and the winner is {{{drumroll}}}....

Pamela Short Neidigh is the 8th person to comment on the post! So she is the winner! 
Please send me a message at SweetlyScrapped@yahoo.com or you can message me on etsy
http://www.SweetlyScrappedArt.etsy.com/ Please include what you would need. If you would 
like some ideas let me know. We can work on it together.

Thanks so much! And I will be having another one! Come join me so you won't miss it! :)

Happy Scrappin' Craftin' & Rubberstampin'