Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bunting Printable

I see all these pretty buntings everywhere and they are definitely a raging trend right now, and to be honest with you, I can see why, they are just great! You can do so many things with them. They're great for every occasion, you can do different colors, etc. I have uploaded a template for you along with a free printable. Looking for specific colors, leave me a comment, I would be happy to create a color theme for you and upload it for everyone to use too! 

Click on template to download
Make sure you right click and choose {save as}

Click on pennant to download
Make sure you right click and choose {save as}

If you make anything, let me know! Send me a picture. I would love to see and if it's okay, I would love to share with everyone! :) 


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See you soon! Printable bookmark

Here's the last one for the night, I am super tired and heading to bed. I was just thinking about this in my head and wanted to share. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It's saturday tomorrow. That means rooms cleaned here, weekly walmart trip (gotta love that, lol) and then spending some time online. 


Friday, July 8, 2011

Tea Bag Covers and Template

I found some cute prints that I've had buried and decided to use them. I've made little tea covers. Simply punch a hole in the center, string your tea bag through then meet the bottoms together and adhere with glue, double sided tape, or even a colorful stample would be cute. I drew a little diagram to give you an idea..... 
To be honest, they would probably even make cute little gift tags :) Maybe if you give a self pampering gift. 
And now on to the free printables :) They are shown full size. If you need larger or smaller, feel free to alter them. Commercial use is fine with credit. Thanks ;) 

Tagtastic Day!

Hope you are having a wonderful tagtastic friday!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Free printable pennants :)

I made a few printables for you! They are pennant style. Right click and choose "save as"

I have text on the left and on the right are blank for you to add your own text, or to print and stamp on them :) 

If you like these or enjoy please leave a comment! They are truly appreciated! Thanks so much :)


Newest trims in the shop- Shabby, Sweet & Hand Stamped

 Queen and Cake Ribbon Trim

 Shabby Pink and Brown Rose Hand Stamped Trim

               Ooh La La Hand Stamped Trim

                  Bird Hand Stamped Ribbon Trim

                Star Hand Stamped Ribbon Trim

They all measure over 2 yards in length an are 1 inch wide. The one with the bird is 1 1/2 inches wide though :) 

I have hand torn and frayed the fabric and then hand stamped the designs. Sometimes depending on how the fabric is, it may need a little ironing :) 


Mason Jar! I LOVE Mason Jars. Free printable

Right click and choose "Save as"


3 New tags for you to print! :)

Three more tags for you to use :) 
Use these any way that you wish. Commercial, Personal, Etc. Just don't claim as your own or sell. These are meant to be free. 

Click to download. Or you can go HERE to right click and save too. 

Just for you tag
Pink Crown Tag

  Brown retro tag

Tag!!! You're it! :)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free Printable Love Word Art

This one has been updated! The previous one had a spelling error! LOL!
Apparently my fingers moved too fast before and I missed it!

Here is the updated version! CLICK HERE 


Free printable positive thoughts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alice in Wonderland inspired decals...

Hi! Hope everyone is recovering well from our long holiday weekend! Fun, Food, Family and Fireworks!

I've been seeing alot of these labels forever and I have also came across some new fonts, so I just had to play :) And I did. The first thing I thought of were the Alice in Wonderland inspired labels. Then for fun, and totally off topic, I created a Toxic one :) 

So here are the Alice in Wonderland inspired decals. I was also thinking that these would be great for cupcake toppers too, or party picks. Add them to sandwiches, etc. 

Right click and choose "save as" 

And like I said, just for fun, here's the other one..... 

I really love the way this one came out and the background! Totally cool! I love that font! And it's something that's really neat and unique, but I think it may be limited. It isn't something that is very versatile. You would have to use it for special things :) Like this label for example. 

An example of these made into party picks. I guess I should've used the eat me for this example, lol. Not sure how these would work in a drink! lol

And here are two sheets, if you'd rather download sheets rather than a single :) 
Drink me sheet HERE
Eat me sheet HERE


Alice in Wonderland Two Page Premade Layout

August Desktop Calendar

Trust me, I am NOT a fan of jumping ahead, but I didn't want to do one for July, because July already started so I created one for August. Maybe if we were in winter, I would jump ahead, lol.... But I would never rush summer.... Anyways, enough being a dork, here's the desktop calendar....

Click on the calendar image and then you can right click and choose "save as"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Make Your Own Pinwheels - DIY Template

Here's a template to make your own pinwheels! Hope everyone is having a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Here's what I did with some pinwheels :) 

You will bring the corners (with the dots) into the center. You will line all the holes up and then place a brad through them all. Pretty simple, huh?! These would look sweet with double sided paper or cardstock too! 

Happy Folding :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to digitally attach embellishments

I always share little freebies like the embellishments for example. I came across this video which will show you how to use them :)

Happy Scrappin!

The latest tags in the shop and on my website....


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