Saturday, May 7, 2011

My kids, Mother's Day and Tags

Hello! Happy Saturday! For the Mom's and Mommy's out there--- AND Grandma's, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 

Today is saturday, so it is still laundry day for me, lol. TOMORROW isn't going to be my day either because it's my daughter's 9th birthday! So being so small and birthday's so special (I don't get excited anymore. I turned 30, lol) I am making the day all about her! To give you an idea... She's silly and sweet! 

Silly Face!!!
We had movie night at home, she's hanging out on the floor! 

Cheer!!! She's the one BEAMING at my camera! lol

And because it is Mother's Day weekend, I cannot forget my little man! 

Driving home in the truck :)
Upstate NY in the winter

getting ready to go out and play! Nice pose there DJ :)

If you are sharing photos of your loved ones and would like to share, post it in the comments! 

And I can't leave you without something creative....

I Want to REMEMBER Green Tags - Ivory Satin Ties

There are 6 of these simple but sweet tags that measure just about 2 inches by the same. They are stamped on a light green cardstock and the stamping is done in a dark green. At the top there are holes punched and I've added white ivory satin ribbon to the tops.  on etsy.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Live, Love, Laugh Tags

It's thursday night, ready for the weekend? I am unsure if fridays are a good thing or a bad thing. I don't know about the rest of you, but fridays are the days that I try to wrap up all the work that needs to be done around the house before my family is home all weekend. I have two kids that are in school all day, so they will be home... and Dad is sometimes like my 3rd kid.... sometimes (I am sure most of you can relate). So today, I tried organizing some of my supplies. Trims, material, etc. Wanna see how far I got? I can show you!! I got 3 layers deep into my material and found this linen. I said "OOOOhhh I can make tags and use this at the top!!" So my organizing lasted all of about 10 minutes before I was crafting again. Needless to say, I have doubled my to do list tomorrow! ha ha :) It's ok.... It's supposed to be 70 and sunny here AND it's Mother's Day weekend, so I should be able to get some extra chores out of the family!

Well, if you would like to see my distraction, here are a few photos of the tags that I have created......

Happy Scrapping and Stamping! 

And maybe I should say Happy Slacking off, lol :) 

Free Digital Shabby Tag

Freebie! Tag, Printable, Digital Stamp

Good morning! I have been playing with my items trying to create a logo. I've been thinking about using a tag as the shape, design, and then just adding the text. What I did come up with is a tag for you all to use! It has no background making it also very suitable for a digital stamp. It's nothing too fancy, just something that I have created but I think it's cute :) 

I do not care what you do with it! Not in a mean way, lol.... but, you can use it for personal use, commercial use etc. Change it the way you'd want with colors etc. If you would like to say you got it here just to be nice, that'd be awesome. I am not making it mandatory. I believe in Karma- haha! JUST KIDDING... Anyhow... on to the good stuff... the digital freebie! 

Right click and save to your pc:

It's a paper tag sewn to a shabby aqua material with lace tops. 

It is my first one. Promise the next one will be better! 

Happy Scrapping! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly roundup of Coupons, Sales & Inspiration

It's Sunday!  Time for all the new circulars to come out and coupons! My favorite day of the weekend! It's also time for my weekly roundup of all the coupons, good things I find, tutorials and more! Enjoy! 

✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄

Here you will find the Hobby Lobby Circular 
And then here's their coupon..... ✄


And if you don't want to print out color, the "Text" coupon is HERE

✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄

A.C. MOORE Coupons..... 

✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄

Michael's Coupons.... 

✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄ ✄  ✄  ✄  ✄

Tutorials and Ideas..... 

Glimmer Misting and Masking Scrapbook Techniques

emeline 1 may 1 400x400 Glimmer Misting and Masking Scrapbook Techniques
You can find the tutorial here


You can find the tutorial to create this magazine rack HERE. You can keep all your scrapbook magazines in here! 


You can find the tutorial on how to Hot Stamp HERE


Freebie Alert : Kind Over Matter ABC Birthday Prints!
There are 6 different alphabets you can print! for free HERE


Tye Dye with Tissue Paper. You can find the tutorial HERE




LaBlanche Stamps with Glimmer Glam


Free Paper Kit Printable


Free Pie Box Template Printable HERE


Add your blog, etsy shop, project here! 


Learn how to make your own bakers twine HERE


4080003114 f99d97d3de o Call for Submissions: A Card a Day 2012
And if you submit your work, they're looking for 365 cards HERE


Okay! Happy Shopping, Scrapping, Cardmaking, Rubberstamping and MORE! :) 

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