Saturday, January 28, 2012

Free Hearts, Alphas and 2 Digi Stamps

8 x 10 inch sheet. you can either use these as digi's or you can print them and cut out for your projects

And here's a printable (or digi) alpha set.  Free for you to use :) 

And here are two digi stamps.... 
These are also on the larger size so you have the opportunity to scale to the size that you would like! :) 

Coffee for two and then a little envelope s.w.a.k.

Right click and choose "save as" on the ones that you would like


Friday, January 27, 2012

Printable Library Style Journaling Cards

Here is a printable sheet of library card style journaling cards. They measure 3 inches by 5 inches when printed. One has a yellow and grey bunting and the other has a 2 seated bicycle. That would be great for a love themed layout. The other has a map arrow and a starburst of ephemera.... The last one has butterfly wings and a brown vintage inspired label. Feel free to use. If you do share, please send them here to get them  :) I always like to keep track of what people are searching for or downloading so I know what to make for everyone. What they like, etc. so I can keep making them. I know journaling cards are huge based on the search on my sites, that's why I decided to create another set. I hope you enjoy! And I hope you also have a great weekend! XXOO

Right click and choose "save as"

Thanks for stopping in! :) 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

100 Free Ephemera and Vintage Clipart and Images

Hey everybody!!! Going through all my flash drives of things accumulated over a long time and decided to play around with a few things and also share a few things. Some of them I have the original images so you can see them and use them along with ones that I have cleaned up and changed.... There are tons here so I am sure you will find some that you can use! They are all bigger than how I have them displayed here in this post, but I don't want it to take forever to scan through so you can snag some! :) Pin It

I think this one would look awesome as a journal or scrapbook page... Alot of detail in this one also! 

Here is a shoe ad.... I then cleaned it up and left only the shoe for you to use.... 

Here's a vintage Jello Ad.... I can see her on card saying "I love you this much!"

Pretty labels..... These would look pretty on the front of a journal.... 

 Such a pretty fairy for the upcoming (soon I hope! lol) spring season :) 

and I cleaned it up below.... 

This one would be cool for the front of a journal!!!

And cleaned up below.....