Saturday, February 4, 2012

100 of my ((free)) favorite fonts

Happy Saturday! I totally overslept this morning because I was up late making pretty things :) Both the kids had sleepovers yesterday and they went straight from school to their friends houses. So not only did I make pretty things, but I decided to wash ALL The walls in my house too, lol. The house still smells Pine-Sol fresh this morning. lol. Now this is the first time in years that I had both children away on the same night. They're only 9 and 10 (for those who are just following my blog). I just had the mom of my son's sleepover call me and tell me that the boys went for a walk in the woods and they'll be a little late. Whew! Works for me. As I am saying this I realize I sound like krap because she literally woke me up. So I get up and realize that Daryll left for work at 5am so even though he reset the coffee pot, it was still cold by the time I woke up. So here I am now, with (finally) a hot cup of coffee. I just saw a font on pinterest that I ended up downloading and thought it would be cool to do a blog post with 100 of my favorite fonts. I am a font junkie! I LOVE fonts. So here I am with coffee in one hand and waiting for my kids to come home, and finding all my favorite fonts to put them all together for you :) (Since I started this blog post my li'l man has come home.... He fell on the ice and has a big boo-boo now though. Poor li'l man)

Click on any of the fonts that you would like, and it will bring you right to the page to download them.

Alex Brush    Old printing press_FREE-version

BlueSkies                                  Little Days              Romantiques               CoffeeTin Initials

Yellowtail                                  Cursif   

handwriting-draft_free-version                                  LittleLordFontleroy

Circus             Circus Ornate       

CameoAntique    My Underwood

Treasure Map Deadhand    Doctor Soos Light

DESTRUCCION    Sancreek Regular

LearningCurvePro    CarnivalMF OpenShadow

Beyond Wonderland    License Plate


Egyptienne Zierinitialien              Leander

BraceletVictorian    Little Daisy
Tattoo Ink                                  Seaside Resort NF                     

Sears Tower                                  DINk

Calamity Jane NF    Calamity Jane NF Bold

LemonChicken    Shadowed Serif

Helena's Hand                 GingerbreadVictorian

Caslon Antique    Cricket
Metacopy Plain                                  Ecolier_court

Chelsea                          Rustic   Primitive    oil

Newborough    Due Date

Foglihten Fr01  WestBalaio

FoglihtenNo01    immoral

Old Gate Lane NF    CrashNumberingSerif

Italian Cursive, 16th c.        Stage
Landliebe Free Font Family Search Results

Geotica 2012 Free Font Family Search Results

Sofia Free Font Family Search Results

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Have a great day!! Off to hang out with the li'l man for a while, drink some more coffee and work on some orders! Hope you found a font you like!!!