Saturday, April 30, 2011

SEO, Your Blog and Your Etsy Shop

Good Morning! Just a quick and efficient little post this morning.... It's about SEO, your blog and your etsy shop.

Did you know how to create a link within in your blog that will help your SEO better than just adding your link?!  I didn't, which is why when I came across it I knew I just had to share. I read alot to try and get my site running well and of course, be towards the top of the Google search. I'd be happy with even page 2! lol.... 

Okay, well, this is what you're going to type to create the link.......

<a href="" target="_blank">your primary or secondary or any other keyword phrase inserted here</a>

Where it says "yourshopname", you'll put your shop name. And what you are doing your blog post about, you will create your tags that relate to your post. 

Here is mine as an example..... 

Okay! I am off to read some more! Hope you all continue to have a great day and I will be talking to you soon! :) 

Happy Promoting!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!!!

At home relaxing tonight.... 

Well, I've had a long week so I am taking it kinda easy tonight.... How is everyone else? It's friday.... we should all relax ;) Wink Wink!

So I decided I would read a little bit on the blogs and see what everyone is up to and I've come across some pretty neat things, which I did end up sharing on twitter. If you are on twitter, you can find me here. I share things alot that I find. I love passing on the little tutorials and treasures.

Anyhow, I did come across a linky party and also shared my link there. Wanna see? Go HERE! I love linky parties! I also have one on my blog which I would love to have you add your link as well! Add your link HERE to be on mine! I share everywhere!!!! I love helping and promoting other handmade items and shops.

Well, I'm off to read a little more! If you happen to come across something that you totally think is worth sharing or have something you would like to share, please leave it in the comments for everyone!

Happy Scrappin', Stampin, and Craftin'!

And remember, it's the weekend starting.... Take it easy! HUGS!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Album and Video Tutorial

Hello there! How is everyone today?! Well, yesterday on my FB's Fan Page Wall, I shared a link to a tutorial to create this mini album with only one sheet of paper. The lady's name who did the video is "creationsbychristie." Well, I decided I really wanted to try and make one. I make albums all the time, and even the tiny ones, "accordian" style, but this one has little pockets and everything. I think this one is more versatile and I think I could add more due to the pockets. Photos, tags, etc. 

It was a pretty easy tutorial. One thing I did learn as going, it helps to do the creases "really" good after you collapse the album. I had alot of fun making them and I can TOTALLY tell that these are going to be so addicting! I had so much fun and they're so easy to make. Also, the possibilities are endless. This is my first one that I have made this way..... Next time I am going to add trim and ribbon to the top of the pockets. Okay, okay, here's the photos! :) If you create or have created one and would like to share yours, leave your link (you can do this in the comment section, or you can email me at sweetlyscrapped (at) and I will do a blogpost on yours :) 

Here's The first picutre of the album..... 

An overall view of the album

Side View of the album

First set of pages
Side view of the album

Lots of tags

Last set of pages

Back of the album

And this is the tutorial which inspired me to create this album

Happy Scrappin, Stampin, And Craftin'!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly roundup of Coupons, Sales & Inspiration

Okay! I'm a little late this week. Sorry! It was because of Easter! So here's all our coupons and wonderful things I've come across this past week... 

Now here are some sweet little projects that I've come across! I love sharing what I find! :) 

2-JMS Treat Set
You can find this sweet project here!

This lady has a great tutorial on how to create this Penny Slide

You can find a general overview about digital scrapbooking here.
 This is definitely for beginners or if you'd like a refresher's course.

You can make this project here. She even gives you the face plate to make your own in a choice of 3 colors! 

Make a 20 minute tote! Great to keep your supplies in when you're on the go! You can find the tutorial here

You can find the template and the digital freebie here

This lady teaches you how to layer here

Okay! Stay busy & creative and if you try anything, feel free to share the link to your page or post here! 
Happy Scrappin', Craftin' & Rubberstampin'!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Two Page Layout! Shined & Glossed

Happy Birthday! That's the theme of this bright and colorfully 

sweet layout! It's glossy, 3 dimensional and sewn! 

Both the pages all the way around are sewn in a zig zag 

stitch. All photo mats are sewn all the way around. All 

embellishments are glossy and bright and I've handdrawn all 

my paper piecings. 

I love the little girl! Her shoes are glossy black and so is the frosting!

First Page of the Layout

Second Page of the Layout

You can also see in this photo that all the balloons are glossy and shiny too!

This sewn pocket has two double sided pull out tag

On the FIRST PAGE there are 3 photo mats. The first one at the top has an ornate corner. The one below has an embellishment that reads "Birthday Wishes" at the top left, and a pretty yellow design going around the middle, a birthday present that is "lifted" off the page, a flower and an ornate corner and I've also stamped a balloon on the photo mat. and I stamped a star in the center of the flower. Then we have the balloons! I love the balloons with their high shine gloss! There is a total of 6 balloons. Then there is another photo mat to the right. There is another stamped balloon and an embellishment at the top that reads "Seconds anyone?" Then we have the adorably sweet little girl sitting at her table with the big birthday cake. The girls outfit is layered with pink and white ruffled accents. Her shoes are black and glossy too! Do you see the present she is holding? Do you see her little party hat too?! Then we have her gorgeous cake. There are flowers at the bottom, pearl decorations, and the frosting is glossy. There are two candles at the top and they're so pretty also! 

On the SECOND PAGE There are also 3 photo mats, 1 large double sided pull out tag at the top and a pocket at the bottom right that has happy birthday on it. For the photo I moved the tags to the side so you are able to see the stitching all the way around on the box. The first photo mat has a present, a flower with a stamped center, and the photo mat below has two more presents that are paper pieced. Then there is the photo mat to the right at the top. This has a large pull out tag that is double sided tucked sweetly behind. The embellishment at the top of the tag reads "My Lucky Day." Below this photo mat is the little sewn pocket. This has two double sided pull out tags. These would be great for small photos, journaling, a gifts list, who attended, etc. 

Happy Scrappin!