Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shabby Little Journaling Boxes - 3 Dimensional too!

First we had some layouts, then we had some journaling spots, now we need some embellishments! I created a few sets..... Here's a few photos! 

"In Dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own"
Holtz Stamp

They're all 3 inches by 3 inches and as you can see by the second photos, they are also 3 dimensional. I love making these embellishments! They're so much fun to me. I love embellishments, stamping, playing with tiny things, etc. So these are just a blast to make. If you've never tried, you really should!

Happy Scrappin'

Friday, April 22, 2011

IN THE KITCHEN 2 Page Premade Layout Paper Pieced

   IN THE KITCHEN 2 Page   Premade Layout Paper Pieced

The entire layout, side by side
First page of the layout
Second page of the layout
My little bear with her mixing bowl! She even has a little pocket on her apron and in the middle the satin tie
If a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, then mine's delirious!
Happy Times

This is a double page layout for a 12 x 12

 scrapbook album. It has a "In the Kitchen" 

theme and I've handdrawn and paper pieced my 

little bear that is holding a mixing bowl. 

On the FIRST page there are two photo mats, the 

beginning of the title and a lined journaling 

box that I've made. There is a banner style 

kitchen curtains at the top of the top photo mat 

and the first photo mat on the left has brown 

grosgrain ribbon that your photo will slide 

easily behind and one has my handmade flower at 

the top and below has mixing bowls. They are 

layered on top of eachother with the second one 

being "lifted" off of the page to give it 

dimension. Then there is my little girl! She has 

an apron on and it has a satin ribbon along the 

waist. It also starts the old fashioned looking 

rolling pin that is in the center. I love adding 

this element to two page layouts, because it 

really gives it a "full spread" look. There's 

also the jar of sugar. 

On the SECOND page, there are 4 photo mats. The 

top are 4 x 6 and the bottom ones would be 

wonderful for about a 3 x 3 photo. On the first 

photo mat there is more ribbon (which your photo 

will slide behind), a flower, a wooden spoon 

embellishment, and the vintage inspired 

chocolate sign. Then there is the other photo 

mat underneath. With the bottom photo mat there 

are more embellishments such as the flour jar 

and the start of the little quote which reads 

"If a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, then 

mine's delirious" and then I've added a glossy 

epoxy style decal that reads "Happy Times." Then 

there is the photo mat on the right which also 

has scalloped style corners, and below that is 

the 4th photo mat of the page. This has a little 

heart and a bowl. 

I've tinted the edges of all embellishments to 

give them dimension and detail. Your photos will 

slide easily under the 4 x 6 photo mats.

Summer on the brain with these stamped tags! :)

Okay, I got to thinking about what's next and I realized summer is next, so I got myself thinking about warmth today when I was making these tags..... 

My first set of tags.... Seashells on the bottom and there's little birds at the top....

A closeup of the bottom of the tags and you can see the shading also, on the sides...

The birds up close....

The back of the tags, on the bottom I have stamped the bottoms with the birds...

My Palm Tree tags....

A close up of the stamping image.

The first set of tags measure 2 inches by 5 inches. 
The second set measure 2 inches by about 4 inches tall. 

I love making tags. I use them for everything! Everytime I create a set to sell, I always make extra ones, and keep them tucked aside for me to pull out as need (per project). 

Hope everyone is having a great friday night! I will be posting a layout too! "In the kitchen" is the title of the layout. 

Happy Rubberstampin'!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Did you hear of EtsyCouponCode?

Well, I've been seeing this around, and I finally took some time to check it out.... I am definitely passing this onto you all because it's worth it (and my retweeting, SU, and Tumblr). 

First of all the website is called EtsyCouponCode... I think the title is pretty self explanatory (which I like) but in case you don't know, it's for coupons---- Just for ETSY

So not only do I think this is worth passing on, I've also tested it out. My page, with my own coupon codes are here.... HERE

There's a HUGE category section, so nomatter what you LOVE to buy, you can definitely find a coupon here. I hope you enjoy and shop shop shop! Just passing around the handmade love. 
Below you can find a list of their categories! See, I told you there were alot!



Cherish 2 Page Layout for a 12 x 12 Scrapbook

Here's another layout! YAYE! This one has the theme "Cherish." and I had a little fun with this one. It was pretty fun adding the crepe paper trim to the bottom of those photo mats! I really like it and I know it's not going to be the last time that I do it! :) 

Here's an overall look at the two page layout..... 

This is the two page layout.... It's made for a 12 x 12 album. It has a vintage inspired feel. I have the theme Cherish on this layout and I have made all my flowers for embellishments. I've taken book pages and regular scrapbook paper to create the flowers. I've also made a fabric flower (black) on the bottom left. I love the banner! I kept it simple to not take away from the print of the photo mats. 

First page of the layout

Second page of the layout

The corner up close.....

The photo mat with the handmade flowers, including the black rolled fabric flower.... Do you see the black polka dotted swirls that I've painted!?!

Quick Recap:
On the FIRST page there are two photo mats. On the first photo mat there is a journaling box at the top, flowers at the bottom and has eyelash trim going across the mat. Your photo will slide easily behind. I've painted black polka dot swirls coming off the flowers. On the second photo mat, I've added a banner at the top and behind that, I've added the word/title "Cherish." There is crepe paper ruffles at the bottom of the second photo mat. 

On the SECOND page there are also 2 more photo mats. The banner continues across the first photo mat and this also has eyelash trim. Below I've added more sweet and upcycled style flowers (which are really popular right now) and painted more swirls. The second photo mat has wonderful flowers at the top and crepe paper ruffles at the bottom. There is also another journaling box at the top, which is also lined for easy writing. 

Happy Scrappin!


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