Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fun Ideas For Fall

So I am just finally getting into the whole "autumn" thing.... Like I said before, I really LOVE summer and didn't want to admit that it's over, but when I got in the truck the other morning and had to use my wipers to remove the frost, I realized it's inevitable and it's here! LOL ... So I decided to do some searching for fall projects.... Here are a few I decided to share with you.....

A beautiful tag from Prima.... 

A tasty treat HERE
Ritzy Halloween Spiders - no recipe but picture is self explanatory!

I think Fall looks awesome all year long, but especially in the fall and winter! :) 
Here are some ideas HERE

How to Use The Different Types of Burlap

I love this card! such great colors for fall! HERE
For the love of life, interesting card.

Need a new bag for fall? I know I do!!!! 
Messenger Bag Tutorial

I love this simple burlap wall hanging...
"Give Thanks" burlap sign

How about a cute fox printable for the little ones?

Make your own Felix the Fox, a tutorial by Anouck Plume

And here's someone who also put together some Fall decor ideas!
35 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

How about a few wreaths for fall?
25 Adorable DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

Hope you found a few ideas!!! :)