Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime Crafts

Well, I live in the wonderful northeast, which like some other places, if you wait 5 minutes the weather will change... However, with today being Easter I can't help but associate that with spring. And we did have a 50 degree day today and one tomorrow, so we're getting closer to nicer weather... With that in mind I decided to put together some of my favorite things from pinterest... All Spring-y time crafts, tips and ideas :) 

Here's a great DIY idea for your yard... And a fire pit too! 

And in case you need to freshen up those white shirts and cami's for spring and summer.... 
I personally don't like dingy whites. I would throw them away before I wore them... I have had a few shirts that I would wash and then throw right back into the hamper and do it until it was white again....
I'm hoping this works... I'll have to try it.... Supplies list looks cheap too!
Click HERE to see the tutorial

Here's something fun to do! You can even let kids have fun with it too!

And here are a few repurposed ideas.... 

And how about some DIY Solar Lights?!
Click HERE to see!