Current Giveaway

I thought it would be fun to do something different! I was thinking about pinterest and making boards :) The rules of course will still be simple. Simply create a pinterest board with my items. It doesn't have to be items that I have for sale, it can be anything. A blog post, a freebie I share, etc. --- Anything :)

I will be picking a winner January 21st, giving you over two weeks to do it... So there's plenty of time :) 

I'm excited to see what everyone pins, what you really like, and what people are looking for. It will show me too, what is popular among everyone so that way I can continue to provide things that everyone enjoys! 

You can find me, and my boards to everything on Pinterest HERE

and you can start by pinning now! :) Pin It

And of course you'll want to know the prizes!!! I will even let you pick!!! 
Choose from a layout with a theme of your choice or a set of journal cards for your own scrapbook pages.

So go HERE and leave me the link to your board! :)
Thanks so much! I am so looking forward to this!!!