Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Free Fonts....

I just LOVE free fonts! And as I mentioned before, I might be a little addicted! LOL...
There's paper and fonts... 

Here are some cute fonts that you might like..... 

This one is called SHOWMEN... At first I thought it said "snowmen." But it would make a cute font for winter too! :) You can find that here...

And this one is really cute!!! You can find this here

And I think this one above can be a lot of fun! Find it HERE

This one is so pretty.... The fun look of a script without being too "adult like" LOL
Just enough for a little detail and fun! HERE

I really like this one... You can color in the letters too! HERE

This one is great for the kids layouts... I like it because it still has that childlike look, without being sloppy and hard to read... HERE

This one is fun, vintage looking and commercial use is allowed too! :) 


This one is pretty neat with the shadow... It looks hand drawn too :) HERE

This looks like it could be on an advertisement from the 20's.... And old Flapper Poster :) HERE

And we all need a good vintage typewriter font... HERE

Hope you found one or two you can use :)