Friday, August 5, 2011

Freebie Friday - TONS of goodies! :)

It's freebie friday!!!! I have alot to do today, so I wanted to share these first! There are quite a few freebies here for you to use! Especially with those amazing Smash Books! ;) I am so going to be making my own! And why not have a few things all ready to use with it! I am making mine out of a composition notebook though! I will be doing a tutorial for that though as soon as I get a new camera. My LCD screen on my camera is shot, and therefor I am taking my pictures blindly while crossing my fingers! LOL! But I am having a slightly hard time choosing my camera. I was thinking about getting the Nikon D3000, but then I saw a thing on etsy that some lady did where she compared 3 cameras, and believe it or not, the $250 Fuji camera took BETTER pictures than the $500 Nikon D3000. So yes, I can save $250 bucks, but I am happy. I am only curious if I can add a lens to it. Anywho, enough of my rambling.... here are the freebies! XOXO - Remember to click to download! Right click and choose {save as}

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Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adding A Pinterest Button to EACH Blog Post Tutorial

Well, after all the struggling to figure out how to add the Pinterest button to each blog post, Pinterest finally changed it. Thank goodness! It was such a pain before, but it was so useful and helpful that I dealt with it. Well, like I said, they did fix it and it's easier now. If you already have the "Pin It" Pinterest button on your other blog posts, you will notice that they no longer work anymore though, which means you will have to go in and fix them.

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First, figure out which blog post you are going to be working with. I am going to be using my "Handmade By Labels" one for this tutorial.

First we're going to take the old post, with the old Pinterest button... 
We're going to redo this one, "Free printable handmade by labels

Next we're going to find the Pinterest Goodies Page to do the code....

Then for the post page, you will click the web address that is in the bar at the top. It looks like this...

When Pinterest says "add code" they mean the one at the top of the page for the post AND when you click on the image. Usually the image link will look something like this:
That page is for the image below that I want pinned..... 

You are going to add the Pinterest code while you are in EDIT HTML mode as shown below.... I highlighted it. You can also see where I had the OLD Pinterest code.

So you will take the info from your pages, plug it into the pinterest page and then plug it in there

Then at the bottom you will see it creates the code. You will then copy and paste this code! 

Then you will add it to your post. I usually add mine above the photo.

Then you will simply publish your post 

Then "View Post" and you will see your new pin it button! 

And then you click on the pin it button and this box pops up! 

and if you go to your Pinterest Boards, you will see it like this! 

And you can find me here on PINTEREST

Hope this helps. If you have any questions please send me a message! :) 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Printable Journaling Cards- Free and Vintage Inspired

Good morning! I am off to a good roll this morning! Here are free printable journaling cards.....

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or Click on image..... then you will right click and choose "save as"

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Mini Notecards - Printables

They measure 2 inches by 4 inches. Simply fold in half. You can cut around the black outline
Click on the link here ------> Free printable mini notecards or 
Simply click on image to open in a new window or tab, and then right click and choose {save as}

Monday, August 1, 2011

Free printable handmade by labels or tags

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Tonight for us is the first night of football practice! Woot! Woot! My daughter is playing this year too! However, tonight I thought was only fit in's (getting helmets, pads, etc and making sure they fit) and that's it. Nope. I was wrong. So my daughter had her first practice in a pink ruffly skirt, lol. She ended up changing though into football pants because of it :) Oopsie Daisy. She looked cute either way. So I came home, started dinner and decided to make a free printable! Free printable handmade by labels.

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Click on image to open in new window or tab and then right click and choose {save as} - You guys know the drill, lol :) 

Okay, off to eat some dinner! XOXO

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playing around making printable paper

Well, I decided to play around and make some printable paper... They are saved at 8 x 10, so they will print out on a sheet of paper, or you can use these for your scrapbook layouts..... I was thinking about making some actual prints soon because I am looking for something specific..... well, here are a few for the taking if you like :)

Click on any and they will open in a new tab or window.
Then you will right click and choose "save as"
They are 8 x 10 prints

Feel free to do anything that you would like with them :) 


Happy Sunday! Coupons, Printables and my Pinterest Addiction! lol

Good morning! Happy Sunday! Fresh coffee, lots of pretty things to look at.

First let's start off with the pinterest love :) as I mentioned last week (and probably the week before) I am in love with Pinterest. I've looked at Craftgawker too, but I can't tell if it's affiliated with Pinterest at all. However, I've been finding some adorable things there also! However, there isn't nearly as much as pinterest and some searches come back with nothing at all. For example, I've looked up packaging (such as wrapping, customer packing, etc) and it comes back with "no matches found." so...........I tend to stay with Pinterest for now.

Anywhoooooooooooooo..... Here's my pinterest finds

Take this oatmeal container and turn it into this neat craft....
This would be a great idea for my daughter and since Dad loves oatmeal, I already have a few of these tucked away just waiting for a project to use them for. Oatmeal container into storage!

There's a neat little tutorial to make corner bookmarks! If you can get the concept, you can end up decorating these any way that you would like to!

An easy etching tutorial - I've never done this before, but I think it may be worth trying! And it looks really easy!

This is a DIY Dry Erase Board - This I am definitely going to do! I have an empty frame already, that's really big so I will have a lot of room to write on! I have a small one on my fridge and nomatter how small I write, I always run out of room :( So if I make my own and make it big, I can write everything I need to! :)

\"Sweet\" Ribbon Dispenser
Quick Organizing tip using tic tac containers! Woot! Woot! :) Hope my family likes tick tacks! They're each getting their own today and I want the containers back, lol.

I don't even need to tell you how awesome this organizing cart is! Look how it's been redone with modge podge! I need to buy some more modge podge. Do it yourself revamp here

Um hello! :) How easy is this! DIY Envelopes: Turn hearts into envelopes! And you can make them ANY size!

here are some coupons for AC Moore

And here's the circular for AC Moore this week

Here's the coupon for Hobby Lobby 

Coupon for Michael's Craft Store....

and of course, a few things that I have made this week.....
Floral Hang Tags- 3 Dimensional Silk Flowers - Shabby Chic Shimmery Snowflake Hang Tags- Shabby Chic Snowman Hang Tags - Brown, Manila, Hand Aged - Vintage Inspired
Shaped Chocolate Cupcake Hang Tags - Hand Stamped Batty Hang Tags - Vintage Inspired Button Hang Tags - Vintage Inspired -

And here's your free printable for Sunday.... To do lists......

Click to download.... it will open in a new tab or window and then you will choose "save as"

Happy Sunday!

Comments are welcome & appreciated <3