Friday, June 3, 2011

Coupon for 50% any Martha Stewart item

I posted this on facebook too, but it may be easier to save and print from the blog for you...

Right click and choose SAVE or SAVE AS and then pick where it goes. I always choose my desktop and then delete it afterwards. 

and if you print out two, be sure to get me a new punch! I'm looking for a new border punch, LOL :) 

Happy shopping! 

BIRD Vintage Inspired Party Picks

I recently had a coupon for Joann's so I purchased things I don't necessarily "need" but have been wanting to try.  Well, I used to make my little party picks or cupcake toppers with regular toothpicks, but I wanted to find something a little more sturdy so even if people were having little potted plants for centerpieces, for example, would be able to use these. There are quite a few different possibilities for these.

How I made them:
I first punched 2 scalloped circles
I then hand aged the edges
I then stamped the bird on the one
I then glued the stick to one scalloped circle on all 12
I then glued the other side of the scalloped circle to all 12
I then punched holes on the top
and then I added the organdy ribbon

They measure 4 inches tall and 1 1/2 inches wide
They are created with flat picks
Hand aged on the edges and stamped birds in the center
Tied organdy ribbon on the tops

Hope everyone is having a wonderful friday! 

{Freebie} Friday Train Paper Piecing Pattern


Well, it's Friday and I have another freebie for you. I have created a simple train paper piecing pattern. It's a great base and you will be able to add all your own wonderful details and personalization. On the door you can write a name or a date. Add some cotton to your page above the smoke stack for a wonderful 3 dimensional look. 

Train Paper Piecing Pattern

The bottom rectangle can be created to use multiple carts. Pop them off the page and use them to create little pockets to stick tags into :)   You can create an adorable two page layout with the carts going all the way along the bottom. 

Happy Friday 
(I am pretty sure I'll be back later with another freebie)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Less Ordinary

Okay, so I am a little addicted to creating these journaling cards :) Well, you all benefit because I also love to share. This one has a definite pink theme, and is titled "Less Ordinary." This is a digital freebie as well, as there is no "background" to this image. So if you decide to layer this onto your digital scrapbooking, that would be fine as well. To those who are into traditional scrapbooking, you can print this journaling card out on your printer with any color cardstock that you would like. 

I am not a digital scrapbooker myself, however, I am a HUGE fan of hybrid scrapbooking. I love finding neat embellishments online (freebies are my fave) and then printing them out and adding them to my "traditional" scrapbooking layouts. I do alot of journaling in my albums, so my journaling cards have to be really cute and embellished because they are displayed on my layout. I just feel that one day I may not be there to go through the albums with my children and I really want them to know everything about that day. Or every thought that I had, feeling, etc. I want them to know that (example) I really enjoyed camping with them and why. All the funny things they said, did and what was new and exciting that time. I guess my scrapbooks are slowly ending up more like books, lol.  

Happy Scrappin', Stampin' & Craftin' 
and tomorrow is TGIF!!!! Woot! Woot! Anyone have any plans for the weekend? Also, if you do create anything with the journaling card freebie, feel free to post your link here so we can all see :) 


Monday, May 30, 2011

{Free} Vintage Feeling Journaling Card With Bird and Flowers

Happy Memorial Day! 
Well, this morning I didn't have too much to do so I decided to play around with my program. I really enjoy making these. I like to print them out so I always have them on hand. You'd be surprised how many I actually use for my scrapbooking. 

These are created on an 8 x 8 canvas to give you an idea of the size of the journaling cards. 
Just right click and choose {save}

Hope you are all having a safe and holiday wonderful weekend,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's that time again! Sundays mean new coupons!

Okay! So here we are for another weekly roundup of all the great coupons out there that we need!!! We know our hobbies can add up, so I LOVE good coupons. However, I occasionally find myself buying things that I do not need because I have the coupon. lol- But here are the coupons for you to print out and use......

Happy SHOPPING!!!!!! 

Me and My Family Camping! For the first time!

Okay, so yesterday we were thinking of what to do. Somewhere we came up with the idea that we would go camping. Let me tell you first that I HATE bugs and most things found in nature. I am not a princess, I just don't like things that crawl. lol. So, I said "Ok" because the kids do need those memories of camping. We called a place (we are looking for a better place next time. It was okay, but I wasn't impressed) and with it being Memorial Day weekend, our choices were VERY limited. Now if you live in NY, you know the Adirondacks...... I LOVE Tupper Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, etc. and that general area, so that's where we headed. Well, since we never went camping before, we bought a tent, and we needed a new grill for the summer anyways, food, etc, all along the way with two 9 year olds in the back seat. Walmart was SO busy when we went to buy the grill, it took a half an hour to grab a grill (they had NO tents left!!!) and leave. None the less, we are on the road... traveling..... in the pouring rain..... I'm driving the truck..... (we shared driving). Which is fine, because when you're in the passenger seat, kids can get annoying :D (I mean that in a loving way)..."Mom, can I have a drink, can I have a snack, I have to go to the bathroom, Mackenzie's looking at me funny, are we there yet?" Yes, you know what I mean. So here are a few photos of our adventure. yes, I've learned a few things. Like bring a flashlight. lol. Hey, it's my first time! (I printed a checklist offline for future reference). The one thing I did remember is to make sure that the kids wore old clothes so they could have fun & we could throw them away if we had to when we got home. Which, with all the rain & mud, we most likely will, lol.
Yes, I am sitting in the truck while they set up the tent :) 
Getting the fire started. The "fire pit" they bragged about on the website wasn't the same when we went, lol
Dinner was GOOD! :D
We brought the kids bikes (compliments of Dad's idea!)
DJ taking a break.... (Mom forgot chairs! LOL- I said I printed out a checklist for next time!)
Dad and Dj hanging out :) 
It's 5am here.... Where's the coffee? We're packing up and heading out home while the rain briefly stopped
See the sky? This is why we headed home. That's Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. 

Yah, they were pretty tuckered out :D This is us heading home
Heading down the road :) Off we go home

Hope your memorial day isn't as rainy as ours. It's sunny in our hometown and this neck of the woods now. 

MY SWEETIE Two Page Layout Paper Pieced Pink, Cream & Sweet

This is a double (two page) layout for a 12 x 12 album. I went with the theme "My Sweetie." I have hand drawn my little bear, paper pieced her together and have I created all of the embellishments and then a journaling card. 

There are 2 photo mats on the first page. The first photo mat has a white cloth eyelet trim at the top and the paper is patterned with pretty soft florals. It is also embossed, glossed & glittered. I've created layered and embossed (with a stylus) flowers, stamped flowers, the little bird carrying a heart. Then I have made a lined journaling card. There is a stamped embellishment that reads "You hold the key to my heart" and the little bear is holding the key. All embellishments on each page are lifted off the page using 3d adhesive foam. 

On the second page there are two photo mats with the same pretty paper, eyelet trim at the top of the second mat, and more hand stamped embellishments & layered flowers. I've added pretty borders to the top and bottom of each page. I've also added little 1 inch circles throughout the layout, hand aged on the edges and detailed with scrapbook paint. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. We ended up going camping (the first time in my life) and I thought I would really DISLIKE it, but I ended up having a great time. However, I came home VERY tired. lol. I'm kinda vegging out today, browsing online catching up on blog posts that I really want to read but always seem to busy to. I'm currently the only one awake that's home. Of course, my son, had to go to his friends house :) (he's 9) and my daughter (who's also 9) is fast asleep and snoring in her bed (yes, I sent her down for a nap before she got too tired & mischievous)! ... Along with Dad (who's still in his chair! :) We did get rained out though. We woke up this morning at 5:15 am and figured when it stopped raining for a minute and the sky still looked threatening that it may be best to head home.  Well, here we are :) and it's 3:30pm. We're planning on doing it again soon. It was a great experience leaving the video games (and yes, my laptop) at home. Just for a little while :D

Happy Scrappin', Stampin' & Craftin'!