Terms of Use

I really enjoy when people use my images or free printables. They are free and I enjoy making them for everyone to use for free. However, there are different rules if you're going to use them for commercial use, but it's still free, so that's all good, right?!  So here are the following TOU for personal use and commercial use...

  • You may use these images for your own personal use (and for non-profit use).

  • You may use my images on your personal webpage, website or your blog.
  • You may use these images for non-profit organizations.
  • You may use these images in your personal projects and layouts that may be shared or posted to online galleries, forums and / or submitted to magazines for publication if......

If you’d like to use these images for commercial use, including, but not limited to digital scrapbooking kits, logos, blog design, Goods sold Etsy + Websites, business cards, e-books, or anything that will be used for the purpose of selling or generating income, please  display my blog button with a link back to my site on your blog or website. The button may be placed in your sidebar, or on a credits or links page, etc. 

Personal use or for non-profit use, you can enjoy the images and free printables for free. 

Commercial use (is anything that generates income) please add my blog button and then enjoy everything for free. (code is at the bottom of this page along with on the sidebar on my blog)

Here is my blog button for you to add in case you would like to share to be nice, or if you want to use the images and free printables for commercial use.