Saturday, February 23, 2013

34 *Free*Vintage Brads for Scrapbooking

Today I have a bunch of brads all with vintage flair!
You can download them one by one, only the ones you like, or you can download a zip file by clicking HERE

I hope you found a few you like! 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Blog Post Dividers, Wings, Sheet Music + More

Tonight I have a few free blog dividers.... I am making some GORGEOUS (okay, I'm really happy with the way they turned out, lol) shabby ribbons to list with all the new spring things on the website coming soon! They're rose colored, hand torn and they have this sweet mottled look to it with the inking and dying... 

WELL... Onto the freebies :D

Here are the blog post dividers.... 


Hope everyone is having a great night! (or day!)


Free Printable Rose Tags

Hi! Tonight I have free printable tags.... 

Click right on image to enlarge
Click HERE to open in a new window
Then you will right click and choose "Save As"

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Few Ideas to Save Money on Crafting

There are millions of tips and tricks out there to save money and I'm sure I'll get a few emails saying "hey, what about this?!" and I LOVE that.... Heck, if I get enough I may even do a follow up to this!!!!

Well, I hear people talk sometimes about what they bought to make something and I've thought numerous times that I could have SO gotten that cheaper or substituted something for it.... I'm all about saving pennies and since I buy myself craft supplies more than I buy clothes and things for my house, I see where a lot of my money could go! LOL.... AC Moore, Joann's and Michael's love girls like you and me! :) 

First and foremost, while speaking of the craft stores, is I NEVER, and I mean NEVER go to a craft store without a coupon... Even if I can't use it that day on what I am actually going there for because it's already on sale, I'll purchase something that I know I'll be in there in a week or two for..... Like glue or a basic cardstock color stack... 

Secondly, which you might have seen me post about before are all my thrift shopping! I LOVE finding things.... And as a business stand point, I am able to offer my product at a lower cost and in turn save YOU guys money too! It's kind of a win-win.... But another reason why I like thrift shops and consignment shops too, is because it actually will spark creativity. I've been in there a few times and seen something and the next thing you know I'm thinking about 10 different ways I can alter it.... Which leads to more ideas! 

3. Another fun thing for gift wrap, you know that old pretty floral shirt or skirt that doesn't fit anymore? Well, rather than throwing it away, cut it into strips and you have gorgeous tag ties or ribbon for a package! 

4. Check clearances... Even the holidays... Sometimes things are REALLY clearanced and it's worth it getting it for next year because you know you're going to use it.... Another reason why I like this is because sometimes you're able to get solid colored "holiday" items.... Like gift bags.... At Valentine's Day you can get pink and red bags all the time! Get a few pink ones, a few pink flowers, pretty paper and decorate it! Just because you bought it at Valentine's Day time doesn't mean it's only FOR Valentine's day.... Or Christmas.... Or Easter, lol.... 

5. Another thing that I do is reuse packaging! For example, I LOVED the shape of the prima stamps insert.... SO I traced the top of it onto some cardstock, then cut out.... 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Post Pretties and Side Bar Set

You can download each one individually as you would like them

-- OR --

You can download a zip file of them all by clicking HERE