Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Images for you!

Good saturday morning!!!! What a beautiful day it is here! I am loving the weather! I am debating on doing a little shopping today. Still have to get the kids their school sneakers and cleats! Fun Fun! :)

Here are a few images for you !

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The mad hatter! 

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (again, xo) 

This is a cute label picture. Would make a cute label, album cover, etc. 

Here are two kids at Christmas time decorating a tree

And this is if you would just like the kids and the tree with no background

Pretty little bird

and this is the original advertisement that the bird came from 

Hope you have a great day! 

Starting up a Vintage Christmas

Starting the "gathering" for the upcoming holiday season... yes, it's months away, but I am starting early this year, compared to last year, lol

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Here is the original from 1873 through 1874

Here is my version
I think it would make an awesome mini album cover or even a photo mat for a scrapbook layout! 

and here is another one from 1864 from an old Victorian newspaper out of London. 

Click on image to download. 
Right click and choose save as.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Free printables to add to your smash book

Good morning! It's a busy busy busy day today! I have so many things to do and I am hoping that I can get them all done! I am sure you know how that goes. This morning I have created little embellishments. Print them out for your smash books, scrapbook layouts, etc. I left them black and white so you can alter them with ink, paints, etc to match your layout! :)

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anniversary Time! And of course a sale!

Hi!! Tomorrow will be 1 year since I have opened my etsy shop! Woot! Woot! And like I've written on facebook this morning, I met so many awesome people along the way. I really think that etsy is great! So because of my wonderful time, I am offering a coupon code to use in the shop! ANNIVERSARY will give you 15% off your entire order! Woot! And hmmm, I'm thinking about more of an incentive, because I'd love to get this word out to everyone! So what we will do is, if you share the link on twitter or facebook, come back, leave me the link to your post and your email address and I will email a secret coupon code for 25% off your entire order!

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You can go to my Etsy Shop , click the link above that says "etsy" or click on the link HERE to take you to that page on my blog :)

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL upcoming weekend! And if you are looking for any freebies let me know! I LOVE to create little things for everyone! Inspiration and ideas are most definitely welcome!

And if you want a head start on halloween, or things to display your jewelry on, here are just a SMALL idea of what I have in the shop currently  :)
Spooky Halloween Tags - Script, Vintage Inspired, Black Text, Hand Aged, Silver Ribbon BOO Halloween Tags - Vintage Inspired, Hand Aging, Scalloped Edges Halloween Tags, Hocus Pocus Magic - Hand Aged, Vintage Inspired, Green Satin RIbbon
Eat It - I Dare you - Halloween Tags - Vintage Inspired, Hand Aged, Purple Organdy Ribbon Jewelry Cards,  Display for Earrings - Floral, Bird, Corner Accent, Vintage Inspired and Hand Stamped Camera Embellishments, Shaped, Smile, Pink, Red, Subway Art Inspired with Text

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free printable business cards - Vintage Flourish Design

Good morning! Off to make that lovely trip to DMV (that's always fun) and then off to do a few things with the kids. I made a few business cards this morning and I've made one to give you an example too! They are 3.5  x 2 which is standard business size. Looking for something different? Drop me a quick note, maybe I can whip something up for you and share it!

Here is mine for the example of what you can do. I've used boutique font for my SweetlyScrapped and then a nice clean easy to read arial font for my web address.....

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Have a great day! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to school subway art freebie printable

This printable measures 8 x 10, suitable for a frame if you choose, or something to hang on the fridge :)

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Click on image and then right click and choose "save as"

Christmas Ephemera

Click on any of the images that you would like to use, then right click and choose "save as"

Rainy Day, Here's a digi stamp!

Well, it's raining here! The first day the kids have nothing to do and they're home with me all day! No day camp or anything! And Dad's home too because his job is affected by weather/rain. Fun Fun! :) 

Well, here's a digi stamp for you!

You can keep her in the little frame, or you can cut around her :) 

Simply click on image and then right click and choose "save as"


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spending time with your kids....

Well, as sad as it may be, we're pushing towards the end of summer. My kids are already talking about school starting and how much more they want to cram in the last few weeks. They had a summer off, to play, have fun, explore and talk about their ideas. Now it's time to interview them. See what they've learned, any new opinions, favorites and more. Then I will do this every year afterwards to see what's changed, what's remained the same, and maybe have quite the giggle in 20 years. I know on the chore option, it will definitely be dishes for my daughter and we haven't done ours yet, lol.

So here is the printable interview for you and your kid or kids.... Have fun! If you get any funny or cute answers, feel free to share here! Click on image to open in a new window or tab, and then right click and choose "save as". This is saved at 8.5 x 11, perfect for a standard sheet of printing paper or cardstock.

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Printable Embellies

Hi! Just playing around this evening! Kids are busy, house is quiet, so I sat down for a little while! Love these moments. Here's some printables, I figured I'd share them, there may be one you would like :D

Hope you are having a great night!

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Sunday! Weekly Roundup, Pinterest Projects and More!

Here are some wonderful coupons and deals! A friend sent me the one below! Great deal on photos! 
I know I have a few SD cards that I really need to take care of. 

And here are some adorable and amazing things I found on pinterest that have definitely made it to my "to-do" list this week..... I just need some more hours! Simply click on photo to go to the tutorial :) 
You can find me on pinterest here



Free printable vintage matchbooks.....

And more tutorials! I love the wooden spoons covered with modge podge too! and the packaging is something I am always looking for


Here are a few of my creations this week! I'll be listing more tonight too! 

My jewelry cards.... 
Jewelry Cards  - Earring - Vintage Inspired and Hand Stamped - Manila and Brown

Blank Tags - Hand Aged, Vintage Inspired, Manila & Brown -15-

Click on photo to go to all these neat printables for packaging! 

I also made a free printable for you! Printable jug... going with the mason jar theme! 
Click on jug to open in a new window and then right click and choose save as.


Thanks so much! Hope you have a wonderful sunday!!!!!