Saturday, February 18, 2012

We had a little snow, a walk and how about a few (free) labels

This is my daughter Mackenzie on our little walk. DJ is at his sleepover tonight so it was just her, me and Dad. We went to the store to get some brownie mix and ice cream.... Yes, that was our dessert tonight. We were getting HUGE snowflakes and I just had to go for a walk in it :) 

I've been looking through all my items and realize that I totally need some more labels. Simple labels. Basic shapes where I can write on, stamp on, etc. So I decided to make a few for you too to share :) 

There are a few different uses for these labels. You can add them to your photos like I did above, print them out and use in your scrapbooking or journaling, etc. I did these in light colors.

Hope everyone has a great night! Off to watch a movie with the family! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Vintage Images and Digi Stamps

I am Rockin' And Rollin' Today on the TO DO list! Woot Woot! AND I got a roast in the oven. I am really proud of myself today, lol. Usually by this time I'm frazzled. I like to do everything and get stressed when I can't. lol. I know I am not the only Mom like that. I've calmed down quite a bit. I think it's just my creative soul. I'm always thinking about what to do next. I'd take a few more hours a day please :D Well today I got some free vintage images and digi stamps. I hope you find some that you can use :) 

Here is an old image of a sweet family playing music together. 

A sweet ad for an opera. I can't translate this, but it's definitely unique and artistic none the less. I love the little babies sleeping below and all her pearls too! 


Here's a neat little ad. I like the life preserver.... I took out the lady in the middle in case you'd like to have the center all for yourself :) 

Here is an old photo, and it has the photographers information as well with it. I like the design with the frame and made the center the same shade of cream all the way, so you can print and use as a frame, journaling card, etc. 

 Here is the frame

       Here is the old photo           

 Here's a lady with a gorgeous hat.... I love how it's just the bust.

I also created her in some fun colors! We have teal, pink, black + white, sepia, brown and purple. 

Then here is an old stamp. I'm going to take a leap and guess that it's from Brazil/Brasil :D I just HAD to create this in some fun colors as well :D 

Two shades of pink stamps. One light pink and one dark pink.... 

And then here's a teal stamp and an orange stamp


Then we have the sepia stamp and more of a royal blue stamp


Bright green stamp and burgundy stamp...


Okay girls! That's it for today. I am way too proud of myself to fall of my to do list today :D 
Hope you found a few you can use and have a wonderful friday night (and weekend!)

~Free~ Stationary with Crows and Roses, Variety of Colors

Well, I had quite the BUSY day today! Wooooo-weeeeeeeeeeee.... So, here I am, it's midnight and I am finally posting :) I still have to clean up the kitchen and get that good ol' coffee pot ready to go off for the morning. Needless to say, I am putting up some free printable stationary for you :)   I will have the link to the free printable envelopes that I have shared below on the bottom of this post... 

This paper is pretty. I love the little chair. Like you're thinking and sitting and writing to them :) There are also roses on the tape and pink along the edges. You can cut inside it if you don't like the pink.... 

These all measure 8 1/2 by 11 inches, so you can print these on regular copy paper and they will fit. 

This one has a crow in the corner (Thanks to the Graphic Fairy) and ornate corners with the frame. This one is done in black and white. The one below is done in Sepia along with a little hint of turquoise/aqua around the flowers. They are both lined, making it easy to write nice neat notes. A guide is always handy. I have a tendency of always writing upwards. BAD. lol. Maybe that means I am optimistic :D

Then these are roses... Pretty roses. I faded out the roses, within the layer, so you will be able to print and still write over them with the writing still being able to be legible. There's a few different colors for you to use. 

And in case you need envelopes, I have 19 free different ones below. Click on the link and it will take you to the post.... 

Good night! See you all tomorrow :) 

I am thinking tomorrow will be facebook cover photos as I have recently received a request for a few more. Glad to see everyone is liking them :) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have you seen the new goods?!

Have you seen some of the new goods?! And there's more coming too! I'm really excited! Spring is on the way, we'll all be out and about and photos are going to be plentiful to say the least. This is usually where my layouts are set up for 6 photos instead of 3 or even 4, lol. I've been dying to make a new mini album for the website, but I just haven't been able to squeeze in the time. Customer's orders come first :D but a few of these things I've made and listed on the website are also sitting in a stash (yes, I stamped a few extra for me, heehee) and they will be going in my album when I'm ready!! But for you, who might have a few extra minutes and ready to go, here they are. All ready to add to your mini album!

And don't forget about

And how about a new facebook cover photo... My freebie to you.... Click on image and then right click and choose save as.... 

Variety of Ephemera and Vintage Goodies :)

Well todays post is dedicated to Vicki! She emailed me a bunch of goodies to play with and I'm creating all different things with them for you :) Isolating some of the images so you can use them, etc. I don't know the copyright issues on these, meaning, I don't know if you can use them commercially, etc. but for sharing with you and for personal use is fine :) I didn't research the catalog at all, but I assume that since it is obviously out of production, you would be okay. But that's totally up to you to find, lol. I don't know where to begin. If you have any resources that would help you (or me) please share. I'm always looking for new stuff and how I would be able to use them.

On with the goodies!

First, we have this ad.....

 Here's the shoe.... 

And how about a few different colors?!




I hope you enjoy! And thanks Vicki!!!! You're awesome for sharing with everyone :)