Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cupcakes, Tea and Chocolate Girly Double Page Layout Pink 

This is a double page 12 x 12 layout. The main theme is sweets and tea (or cocoa). I have hand drawn my bear, teacup, teapot, mouse, cookies and more! I then paper pieced them together and made them come to life with ink, chalks other 3 dimensional items.

On the first page you will see 3 photo mats. Behind the top photo mat there is a double sided pull out tag. At the top of the tag, is a "popped" off embellishment that I made. It is layered with the word sugar and an image of a cupcake with the word frosting. It is inked on the edges for dimension. All the photo mats are layered onto a darker coordinating green and a chocolate color. The second photo mat to the left has the same mat topper as the tag. There is a layered flower that I made. I have hand embossed all the flower layers. Above that is an embossed & glittered paper with a chocolate theme. Above that is an image of 3 sweet little cupcakes. At the bottom you will see my little bear and she is sitting in the tea cup wearing a cupcake. The cupcake is frosted and has a glittery cherry on top. The tea cup has prima flowers and I made the leaves to match. I added pearls in the center of the flowers and I also added little purple pearls at the bottom of the teacup. They are hard to work with, lol. There is also another flower that I have embossed and to the left is my all time face little cupcake. It has sprinkles & TEENY TINY little cream colored pearls and organza ribbon. There is also "frosting."

On the second page there is also three photo mats. The one at the top has the same chocolate colored paper (the circle one) and has little adornments all around it with the flowers, layered cake image, pearls, and a paper pieced cupcake. The top of the bottom photo mat has the same lave inspired topper. The right photo mat has a little cupcake embellishment and the word chocolate at the bottom. Then you have my little teapot. The teapot is fully hand drawn and then pieced together. I added three prima flowers and pearl centers. I have also made the leaves to coordinate the page. There is another one of my hand embossed flowers. The top of the teapot has a large creamy pearl button that i have taken silk embroidery thread and wove it through till you cannot see the button holes anymore. Then there is my favorite little mouse! I had so much fun creating the mouse! The little mouse is eating a cupcake that is frosted with a cherry on top. And did you see his little whiskers? lol. I love it!


The designer and organizer said...

This one is so cute,i would love it if you stop by at my

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thank you :) Yes, I'd love to check out your blog :)