Thursday, January 27, 2011

Family Chipboard Premade Scrapbook Album by SweetlyScrappedArt

Family Chipboard Premade Scrapbook Album by SweetlyScrappedArt

Hi! What a cute little album to keep the photos of the ones we love the most :) This album is 6 x 6 height and width and is a scallop.

I absolutely love the cover. There is a little frame, and in the center (under the cover) there is a layered embellishment that reads "Our Happy Home." Then there are crocheted flowers that I made with gorgeous yarn, some handmade (by me) paper roses and a little fabric rosette done in pink too. There are little prima flowers, pink leaves that are inked on the edges & buttons.

When you open the album to the first set of pages you will see two pretty blue photo mats that have pretty corners and tops. On the left there is a handmade flower with a button center and it has gold swirls adorning it. Then at the bottom, in a glittery embellishment, it reads "Welcome to our home." There is a little journaling tag at the top. On the right above the photo mat there is a embellishment that reads "This is my family." There is also another handmade flower with button center and swirls adorning that one also.

On the next set of pages you will see two photo mats that measure 3 x 3. They have more of my crocheted flowers done in a pretty mauve color. On the left you will see an embellishment on the bottom left that reads "funniest family moments." On the right side, behind the photo mat is a pull out double sided tag. There is an embellishment that is popped off the tag, so it hangs over the photo mount, of a cute little house. There next to it you will see another crocheted flower and one of my tags hanging off the crocheted flower.

On the next set of pages, there are two heart photo mats. On the left, above the photo mat, there is an embellishment that reads "It's what really matters," and below that is a stamped image of an owl. After I stamped it, I matted it. There is another handmade flower and a button center. The ribbon that runs along the photo mat, won't effect your photo placemat. Your photo will slide behind that. On the right side, there is a layered, scalloped & inked embellishment that reads "forever, love, family" and then there is a tag that I made with the crown to the bottom right and above that is a banner that I stamped that reads "love."

When you turn the pages you will see another two photo mats. On the left you will see an yellow embellishment that reads... "Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy." We can all relate to that :) lol. Then below that is a flower. The leaf turns. When you turn the leaf, it opens up the card. Inside the card is a blue plaid panel. You can journal or add a tiny photo if you have one. I put an embellishment on top of the card that is stamped, glittered & scalloped and reads "S.W.A.K." and has stamped the image of the envelope. On the right hand side, behind the photo mat is a double sided pull out tag. At the top of the tag, I stamped the words "LOVE YOU TONS."

And that's all folks :) The back is the same print as the front.

There's alot of layers, distressing, inking and little things to make this album sweet. All it's missing is your photos.

Thank you for looking :)

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