Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flocked Silhouette Hang Tags

Hi! Well, I've had this paper for awhile, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. But then today, I was reading and I saw that silhouettes are making a huge comeback in scrapbooking..... so hmmmm.... I broke it out. Here is my finished result. I loved the paper, so I figured I could cut out the images by themselves and create tags.

This listing is for a set of 9 tags. They each measure 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall. I have layered paper to create them & give them a vintage look. First there is a very heavy cardstock, a pretty vintage inspired damask with greens and blues, and then there is the embellishment in the center. There are 9 different images, none are the same. On the images, the part that is the lightest brown, is flocked (meaning very soft and almost fuzzy if you will, like velvety feeling, for those who do not know what flocked means). I have tied bows directly onto the tags, they are not glued, and will not fall off. They are prestrung then with a light dutch blue shade of twine.

-Set of 9 tags
-Each measuring 2" X 3"
-Prestrung with light blue twine
-AF/LF and archival safe
If you want to see the etsy listing, how I have it, you can check it out here

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Liz said...

These are so lovely! I've been meaning to make gift tags for awhile, thanks for sharing!