Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sleeping Baby Boy Layout for a 12 x 12 Album

 I freehand drew both little babies on this page. First, there are two photo mats. I have sewn both photo mats with a heavy navy blue thread. Next, I sewed the acrylic embellishment at the bottom left that reads "Bundle of Joy." There is a little one sleeping above the first photo mat. He has a little red blanket, and his little cap. Behind the one photo mat is a pull out tag that I have crocheted a topper for (to look like a baby blanket) and then added a flower, tinted with ink in baby blue. I have added other flowers (I create these myself... Emboss & Ink for look) and glitter swirls. I then punched a doily lace border and added it to the top and the bottom for a little detail.

On the second page, is another adorable sleeping baby that I drew who is sleeping on a green blanket. He has chubby little legs, and he has on little booties. Above him to the left, is an acrylic tag, attached to a paper tag, that is permanent there. It does not move :) There is a sewn journaling box on the top right, that has another acrylic tag that reads "Miracle." I have sewn all the photo mats on this page also. 

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Kristen said...

Hey Em! Its Kristen from make the best of everything!!! I really like your ideas!!! Im a new follower!!

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Hi Kristen! Yes, I loved your blog. There was alot of inspiration there. And yes, I love PUFFY paint myself, lol :) I love using it for details on my layouts :)