Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EASY Flower that YOU can Make Tutorial

First you will need your very basic and simple supplies
-Coffee Filter
-Ink pad, spray or both
----If you want to make your own spray, you can check out my tutorial here... ----

Then you will cut your coffee filters into circles! NO NEED To be precise! I would just make sure that you cut them different sizes. 

Layer the pieces by size. Smallest on the top as shown in these two pictures. I pushed the brad through the center of the filter. I didn't punch holes first or anything like that. 

Now you can scrunch up your flower. I did mine each layer at a time. I scrunched up the first layer, then the next.... all the way to the bottom

This is my homemade glimmer mist. I've repurposed one of those travel sized body sprays from Calgon. 

Then you will pounce, dab and if you'd like more color, sweeeeeeeeep :) your ink pad onto the flower....

I've done it here..... Then I added a little more.... 

But I wanted alot of POP and color so I've used the glimmer mist too! 

My flower is about 2 inches large because that's the largest that I cut the circle. So we can make like 100 flowers for a BUCK! Go to the dollar store and pick up a package! Line them all up & spray them down! lol. Great to keep on hand for those layouts. I know I personally create a bunch of flowers at a time because it can be very time consuming to stop in the middle of a project to create flowers. Alot of times I will create them in neutral shades & spice them up later as I am working so they will coordinate. 

If you create one I would love to see it! Post it on my wall at 

Happy Scrappin', Craftin' And Rubberstamping,

Please feel free to share! Tweet! Stumble! It's fine. I love sharing tutorials with you all that I come across too! 

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