Friday, April 22, 2011

IN THE KITCHEN 2 Page Premade Layout Paper Pieced

   IN THE KITCHEN 2 Page   Premade Layout Paper Pieced

The entire layout, side by side
First page of the layout
Second page of the layout
My little bear with her mixing bowl! She even has a little pocket on her apron and in the middle the satin tie
If a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, then mine's delirious!
Happy Times

This is a double page layout for a 12 x 12

 scrapbook album. It has a "In the Kitchen" 

theme and I've handdrawn and paper pieced my 

little bear that is holding a mixing bowl. 

On the FIRST page there are two photo mats, the 

beginning of the title and a lined journaling 

box that I've made. There is a banner style 

kitchen curtains at the top of the top photo mat 

and the first photo mat on the left has brown 

grosgrain ribbon that your photo will slide 

easily behind and one has my handmade flower at 

the top and below has mixing bowls. They are 

layered on top of eachother with the second one 

being "lifted" off of the page to give it 

dimension. Then there is my little girl! She has 

an apron on and it has a satin ribbon along the 

waist. It also starts the old fashioned looking 

rolling pin that is in the center. I love adding 

this element to two page layouts, because it 

really gives it a "full spread" look. There's 

also the jar of sugar. 

On the SECOND page, there are 4 photo mats. The 

top are 4 x 6 and the bottom ones would be 

wonderful for about a 3 x 3 photo. On the first 

photo mat there is more ribbon (which your photo 

will slide behind), a flower, a wooden spoon 

embellishment, and the vintage inspired 

chocolate sign. Then there is the other photo 

mat underneath. With the bottom photo mat there 

are more embellishments such as the flour jar 

and the start of the little quote which reads 

"If a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, then 

mine's delirious" and then I've added a glossy 

epoxy style decal that reads "Happy Times." Then 

there is the photo mat on the right which also 

has scalloped style corners, and below that is 

the 4th photo mat of the page. This has a little 

heart and a bowl. 

I've tinted the edges of all embellishments to 

give them dimension and detail. Your photos will 

slide easily under the 4 x 6 photo mats.


Kathy said...

What a sweet layout! I love all your paper piecings! Thanks so much for your comment on Tiny Seed! :)

Emily @SweetlyScrapped said...

Thanks so much Kathy!