Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Digital Shabby Tag

Freebie! Tag, Printable, Digital Stamp

Good morning! I have been playing with my items trying to create a logo. I've been thinking about using a tag as the shape, design, and then just adding the text. What I did come up with is a tag for you all to use! It has no background making it also very suitable for a digital stamp. It's nothing too fancy, just something that I have created but I think it's cute :) 

I do not care what you do with it! Not in a mean way, lol.... but, you can use it for personal use, commercial use etc. Change it the way you'd want with colors etc. If you would like to say you got it here just to be nice, that'd be awesome. I am not making it mandatory. I believe in Karma- haha! JUST KIDDING... Anyhow... on to the good stuff... the digital freebie! 

Right click and save to your pc:

It's a paper tag sewn to a shabby aqua material with lace tops. 

It is my first one. Promise the next one will be better! 

Happy Scrapping! 

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