Friday, May 13, 2011

How to hand age tags tutorial

Okay, so I have shared this one place and I've had a couple of people wanting to share it on their blog. That's totally find with me. However, I did notice that I haven't even uploaded it onto mine!!!! Am I crazy?! So here I am finally putting it all together for my own blog! TA DA! :) 

First you are going to want to cut your tag to the size that you want. For this tag, I  made it 2 inches by 3 inches

There ya' have it! Your stamped & hand aged hang tag! 
Mine is of a little deer. 

This technique is addicting, because now, I don't have anything that doesn't have this detail on it. Even if I do green paper, sometimes I will use a different shade of green ink to apply. 

Happy Scrappin', Stampin' and Craftin',


Sugar Pink Boutique said...

Thank you so much for sharing that technique. I have always wondered how they aged the tags. It looks so pretty!

Emmy said...

You're welcome. I am going to do it again I think. The pictures are a little "green" lol.

Amy Kenyon said...

I love that detail about all your items in your shop! It makes it look unique! Thanks for sharing Emily!

Emily said...

Thank you Amy :) Hope you are having a wonderful night.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...simply beautiful. I have been searching everywhere for a simple tutorial on hand aged tags. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your top hat tags are adorable too.
Much love,

Saw Dust Fairy said...

could you tell me the ink pad color you was using totally cool!!!!