Sunday, May 29, 2011

Me and My Family Camping! For the first time!

Okay, so yesterday we were thinking of what to do. Somewhere we came up with the idea that we would go camping. Let me tell you first that I HATE bugs and most things found in nature. I am not a princess, I just don't like things that crawl. lol. So, I said "Ok" because the kids do need those memories of camping. We called a place (we are looking for a better place next time. It was okay, but I wasn't impressed) and with it being Memorial Day weekend, our choices were VERY limited. Now if you live in NY, you know the Adirondacks...... I LOVE Tupper Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, etc. and that general area, so that's where we headed. Well, since we never went camping before, we bought a tent, and we needed a new grill for the summer anyways, food, etc, all along the way with two 9 year olds in the back seat. Walmart was SO busy when we went to buy the grill, it took a half an hour to grab a grill (they had NO tents left!!!) and leave. None the less, we are on the road... traveling..... in the pouring rain..... I'm driving the truck..... (we shared driving). Which is fine, because when you're in the passenger seat, kids can get annoying :D (I mean that in a loving way)..."Mom, can I have a drink, can I have a snack, I have to go to the bathroom, Mackenzie's looking at me funny, are we there yet?" Yes, you know what I mean. So here are a few photos of our adventure. yes, I've learned a few things. Like bring a flashlight. lol. Hey, it's my first time! (I printed a checklist offline for future reference). The one thing I did remember is to make sure that the kids wore old clothes so they could have fun & we could throw them away if we had to when we got home. Which, with all the rain & mud, we most likely will, lol.
Yes, I am sitting in the truck while they set up the tent :) 
Getting the fire started. The "fire pit" they bragged about on the website wasn't the same when we went, lol
Dinner was GOOD! :D
We brought the kids bikes (compliments of Dad's idea!)
DJ taking a break.... (Mom forgot chairs! LOL- I said I printed out a checklist for next time!)
Dad and Dj hanging out :) 
It's 5am here.... Where's the coffee? We're packing up and heading out home while the rain briefly stopped
See the sky? This is why we headed home. That's Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. 

Yah, they were pretty tuckered out :D This is us heading home
Heading down the road :) Off we go home

Hope your memorial day isn't as rainy as ours. It's sunny in our hometown and this neck of the woods now. 

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