Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Organizing Ideas....

Are your scrapbook and crafting supplies crazily everywhere (like mine)? Well, I've been doing my homework and I've found some more solutions!

- Use a lazy susan on your table to put your little containers. You can spin it to find what you need

- Keep all your little plastic containers from cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc. to store items

- Shoe boxes for all sorts of things!

- Cut a hanger, add your ribbon on, and then retape it.

- Sort ribbons by color in ziploc baggies and keep in a rubbermaid

- Under the bed storage containers. These would be better for things that you don't use alot but can't part with.

- Keep your eye out for microwave carts, bookshelves and more at yard sales. Paint, decorate, etc to match your decor. Then go to the dollar store and find little buckets. You may even be able to paint some to make everything coordinate.

- If the items on your shelves cannot be displayed "sweetly" nomatter how hard you try, install a roller shade. That way you can pull it down to hide, and simply lift it up when you need to. HINT: You can even stencil it if you really wanna get fancy! :)

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